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Out of this World 1945

This rare Crosby flick finally available  -- on Youtube. Uploaded yesterday. One of the few Crosby movies I'd never seen. Until yesterday that is. Noticed that Eddie Bracken and Veronica Lake made quite a few movies together. At least 2 more recently uploaded by Chris Johnson.

Even if we don't get to see our man himself in the movie it's amusing enough, and his kids are in it. Silly movie of course, but I enjoyed it all the same and expected no less. Now if only Duffys tavern would turn up too!!! As a kid I played my dad's old 78s from time to time. And for some reason he had all the songs from OUT OF THIS WORLD in these stacks so I'm certainly familar with all the Crosby tunes.


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Re: Out of this World 1945

For those unfamiliar with it, Bing's voice is used about 45 minutes in and at the very end when the starring character played by Eddie Bracken mimes to Bing's recording. The Crosby boys are all in an audience listening to an "audition" 12 minutes or so in, when Bing's voice is also used. 

Thank you Lars.



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Re: Out of this World 1945

Thanks Lars. I'd not seen this movie before. It was released in Australia in April 1946 (when I was just 11 years old and would not have appreciated it). It was promoted by featuring the role of Bing's voice. One review suggested it was an 'extremely pleasant and diverting comedy...young Mr Bracken singing with the voice of the great Bing' and another said that it was 'notable only because it contains in its celluloid some recordings of Bing Crosby's voice'.


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