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Listen to a Kraft Music Hall show from 1943 here

A podcast of KMH from 1943 here 

  • Bing sings  Victory Polka.
  • Bing salutes farmers everywhere for their part in supporting the war effort.
  • Ukie enters to see whether Bing missed him while he was gone. Is there actually a new Ukie? Or does he just have a split personality?
  • Bing sings, How Swweet You Are.
  • The Charioteers sing  Way Down Yonder in New Orleans.
  • Ed Gardner, best known as Archie the bartender from Duffy’s tavern, joins Bing. He shares about the specials in food and entertainment down at the bar. Will Bing consider opening his own night spot?
  • Reflecting back to 1930, Bing is joined by Trudy Woods to present a favorite - My Ideal.
  • Bing sings  I’ll Be Home for Christmas.


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Re: Listen to a Kraft Music Hall show from 1943 here

Thanks,Richard. Superb quality too.


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Re: Listen to a Kraft Music Hall show from 1943 here

Another here

  • Bing sings  Me and my Gal.
  • Trudy Irwin, girl singer, is played up to be Bing’s niece in a brief comic bio.
  • Uncle Harry Lillis (Bing) is the one who discovered her beautiful voice. Fast forward to how she got her big break.
  • Bing and Trudy sing  Constantly.
  • The Charioteers sing  Night Train to Memphis.
  • Bing and Trudy do a sketch based on events in 1924, that leads into another duet:
  • Bing sings  Sweet Little You.
  • Victor Borge arrives to talk to Bing about the hotel where he’s staying, his act, traveling, and patriotism.
  • Victor shows off his unique blend of classical and humorous piano playing.
  • The Charioteers sing  Stormy Weather.
  • Bing sings  Brazil.

This is from February 1943

Some of the podcasts from this series are the slightly edited versions of Kraft Music Hall, sent on disc to forces' radio stations abroad. They become "Music Hall". 
The discs are one of the reasons that they still exist in this good quality.

The person posting on the site is identified as "Keith". Our thanks to him.

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Re: Listen to a Kraft Music Hall show from 1943 here

This one is from 1944 (Click Here) 

  • Bing sings  Don’t Fence Me In.
  • Bing and his singers sing  Straighten Up and Fly Right.
  • Bing sings  More and More.
  • Eugenie Baird sings  My Heart Sings.
  • Jerry Colonna jokes about his moustache then sings  Can you Hear Me Calling.
  • Bing sings a medley from his film  Holiday Inn. Including a few bars of the title track Holiday Inn, Abraham, Its My Heart, In Your Easter Bonnet, and of course, White Christmas.

I don't know who Keith Heltsley is but he has a nice range of old radio shows on his site.

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Re: Listen to a Kraft Music Hall show from 1943 here

Another here from 1944

  • Bing sings  San Fernando Valley.
  • Jane Frazie, Hollywood starlet joins the fun, and gets teased by Ukie. Besides the comments on her nice looks, Ukie is being thrown out of his apartment.
  • Joan proves she can sing by her performance of  Shoo Shoo Baby.
  • The Charioteers sing  Straighten Up and Fly Right.
  • Friend, actor, and recent father of a daughter, George Murphy gets teased by Bing about his new parenthood. They begin a skit about a walk in the woods, acting as little boys examining the wild life. The good little boy scouts encounter a lost girl named Mirtle.
  • George interupts the skit to sing a hit from his latest film  It Had To Be You.
  • Time marches back to 1938, and Bing is joined by Trudy Woods to sing  I’ll Be Seeing You.
  • Bing sings  Candlelight and Wine.

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Re: Listen to a Kraft Music Hall show from 1943 here

Another from 1944 here

  • Bing sings, What Do You Do in the Infantry.
  • Ukie does his best to get into some close harmony with Dale Evans. Will Bing and the gang go along with Ukie on his party?
  • Dale sings, Besa Me Mucho.
  • The Charioteers sing, Mairzy Dotes.
  • Time marches back, and Trudy Woods joins Bing to feature, You Brought a New Kind of Love To Me.
  • Trying to put the moves on a girl, she kickx Bing and Ukie out of town. The two caballeros look for ranch work, riding their little burro. Will they find work? On Dale’s Lazy E ranch they do their best.
  • Bing and Dale sing, Surrey with the Fringe on Top.
  • Bing sings, My Ideal.

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