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The oldest fan club in the world

I was interviewed on the radio last night. Mark Forrest broadcasts across all of the BBC’s 39 local radio stations each night and he must have a huge audience. He was investigating fan clubs which is why he contacted me. If you are interested, you can hear the interview at:
It starts at the 26:40 mark. The man interviewed before me was quite interesting too because he pointed out that the growth of social media has meant that the traditional fan club is disappearing.


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Re: The oldest fan club in the world

That's an interesting interview Malcolm. Several Crosby fan clubs were started in Australia in 1945, the largest being Australia's Bing and Swing Club started by the Sydney radio station 2KY which claimed to have 26,000 members in the 1950s. In Melbourne, station 3AW ran The All Australian Bing Crosby Club and a branch of Club Crosby was formed in 1948. These clubs continued until the 1950s but The Australian Bing Crosby Society continues with bi-monthly meetings in Melbourne.


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