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Just saw promo for the Bing Crosby show on DISH 373 in the Pacific Northwest that the Bing Crosby Show will be on next Monday night.
Not sure of exact time as they mentioned Judy Garland Show (caught tail end of that last night with Ray Bolger) and Merv Griffin show.
So, do a search and enjoy Bing.
Oh, the channel is called 373 GETTV


10/2/2016 6:36 am  #2


Greg Van Beek says on Facebook: ""February 15th at 8 pm (CST), The Bing Crosby Special will air!!
Featuring Bob Hope, Diana Ross & The Supremes, Stella Stevens and José Feliciano. This NBC special, filmed on the Paramount Pictures lot originally aired October 23, 1968. It has only been in circulation in very poor quality since the days of VHS, so to be able to see it looking as it should is fantastic! "


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