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New Tricks Gone Yonder Already

Looks like I waited too long to get New Tricks "Deluxe Edition" as it's no longer available even in used condition on Amazon.   "Bing Enterprises" sure took it off the market fast.  Years ago I got it commercially on CD in a previous release in Japan and then another CD where it was combined with Some Fine Old Chestnuts.  Once again when is buying the same thing over again too many times before you need to call CDs Anonymous. 

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Re: New Tricks Gone Yonder Already


If the Deluxe Edition is the same edition as the "60th Anniversary" CD issue, then I've spotted one for sale on the "Discogs" website, if it could be of any use to you from this distance? UK supplied. From my own experience, one of Discogs' very reliable merchants. The link is provided below:



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Re: New Tricks Gone Yonder Already

Ahh.  Thanks for searching for that, great find.   My only question is why did they take it off the market so fast?   Were the sales that bad that they didn't think it was worth keeping anymore?   That was one of Bing's best, certainly better than the 257th version of another copy of the same Decca Christmas songs over again.  Although I'd welcome Volume 2 of stereo versions of the '40's and '50 Bing Christmas songs from Decca, minus those awful new loud background singers.   Also minus stereo versions of modern Bing songs that were already recorded in stereo in the first place, as in songs from the Christmas Capitol album.

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Re: New Tricks Gone Yonder Already

My pleasure, Archiefit.

Yes, it's always a puzzle when carefully prepared re-issues seem to be then quickly withdrawn. I can't speak for any specific organisation but from my modest days in the UK record trade, particularly with compilation albums which included music from a number of differing labels, I was informed they only by then (1992 to 2007 ) were licenced to distribute the particular material for a few short years.

I'm completely ignorant of any of the arrangements and criteria the Crosby estate have with labels such as "HCR" (their own?), "Sepia" and "Collector's Choice" who have been issuing a number of Bing related CDs and now streaming/downloads of Bing's newly re-released output. It may well be a little more nuanced than the general large record companies who have always obviously had to place profit at least somewhere on the upper level of their intentions.

Over the recent decades and with these larger organisations in mind, what many (and in varying forms) would class as "nostalgia", seems to have perhaps generally taken an ever increasing backseat in its secondary role in relation to the amount of highly knowledgably and lovingly issued hard copy and catalogue sustained releases are concerned. This is where the smaller labels come in, who I believe licence older recordings for release as their original labels have now moved on. 

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Re: New Tricks Gone Yonder Already

By the way, I decided not to buy yet a 3rd CD of New Tricks, I'm happy with the ones I have now.  So it was just as well. 

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