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Rhythm On The Range Rode In Today

Every Sunday I watch an old time comedy movie, Bowery Boys one week, Blondie another etc etc.  Well today was Bing's turn.  Saw a movie of his I haven't seen in many years, "Rhythm On The Range".   It was extremely enjoyable as I knew it would be.  Even Bob Burns was entertaining (I usually have to fast forward him on KMH).   Martha Raye was her usual over the top self, but still fun and I even caught a glimpse of a young Roy Rogers in the end "I'm An Old Cowhand" song.  Watched a lot of Roy Rogers movies and TV shows in recent times too.  Bing sang some real classics in this one, best one I think was "Empty Saddles".   And boy did Bing & Bob do a professional's job riding wild horses and wrestling wild cows to the ground.  That bucking bronco Bing rode looked hard to keep atop of. 

Anyway, each time I see these Bing movies as I've been watching them now for the past couple years about once every 5 weeks I say why haven't I been watching these movies all along.  As it's been a good 15 years since I've seen most of them.  Glad to have finally re-discovered their fun.


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