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It's Easter Time With Bing

The Library of Sound Volume 90 is celebrating Easter this entire week.  Monday thru Friday each day we'll be presenting a different Easter episode of a classic radio show!   We start Easter week off with a rarely heard Bing Crosby GE Easter Show from April 2, 1953 with Rosemary Clooney & jazz violinist and funny man-Joe Venuti, yes "This Is The Place".   This tape comes straight out of the Bing Vault from our Library of Sound, it is not to be found anywhere on the interwebs so enjoy it now only on Sounds Like Radio's Library of Sound.   As an added bonus not only is this Bing show exclusively here but we're also playing you a Vintage Episode of Sounds Like Radio when Your Humble Host 1st recorded it back on April 6, 2003.   It's a time traveling Easter episode today.  Here's where all the Easter shows each day this week will be:  


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Re: It's Easter Time With Bing

Hey, that sounds great! I'm looking forward to tuning into this over the Easter Bank Holiday. Thank you so much, Archiefit.  That and Fred Astaire and Judy Garland's "Easter Parade" classic. Other than Easter featuring in "Holiday Inn" and Bing's rendition of the song, it makes it nice to be able to have something else Easter orientated starring Bing. And WHAT a glorious, beautiful and perfectly Easter apt picture! Which Bing film would this be from? "Holiday Inn", itself?

PS: I don't know if you have subscribed to recieve email notifications for when you recieve a private message on here - but I've just sent you a PM. 

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Re: It's Easter Time With Bing

Always good to hear from you.   I get an email telling me when someone has written something in a thread here that I've also written something in but I don't get emails telling me when there's a private message.  I don't know that till I actually log in here myself.   And I do check here everyday to see what people are saying but unless I have something to say I don't actually "log in" I just read.  But I have been logging in the past several days just to see if you had sent a message, in fact I checked earlier today but nothing till now.

Yes that picture is from Holiday Inn I found it colorized but it was so weakly colored and faded out looking I colorized it myself again just to brighten up the color.   It may have colored it too brightly now but I'd rather it be a bit too brightly colored than faded.  I used that same picture next to the Bing Easter show on the Sounds Like Radio site. 

If you haven't tuned in each day this week you'll now find 5 different Easter shows there.  I posted a different Easter show each weekday.   Some are funny some are just neat stories.  I even threw in a fairly unknown Perry Como Easter song on the Jack Benny Easter Show (Volume 92) posting as a bonus. 

I gave my normal Sounds Like Radio-Bing music and Gildersleeve shows an Easter vacation this week but it will return on Monday.   I hope you and everyone will enjoy them.     

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