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Bing's Back for More Halloween Fun

Bing's Back for more Halloween fun on Sounds Like Radio’s Library of Sound Volume 43.  Listen as two of the funniest guys on radio who had their own 3 day a week 15 minute show, Lum & Abner guest star on the Bing Crosby Chesterfield show from October 26, 1949.   This one’s a funny one and a great one for hearing Bing sing his Halloween songs live on the radio.   Let’s all settle back and get ready to enjoy a Bing break with the great Lum & Abner!   When you visit us here you'll even see a great color picture of Bing tuning in to Sounds Like Radio himself.  (He couldn't resist.)   It's all free and it's right here:



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Re: Bing's Back for More Halloween Fun

Great broadcast as usual!


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