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More Classic Bing Shows from 1956

Hello Bingsters. Well, I got another Bing Crosby Show for you from July 27, 1956 just posted today (8/7/21).  

Now you may be thinking I posted a 7/27/56 show before, but no, that was a mistake I made here in my earlier announcement.   That was actually a 7/25/56 show where you saw the previous announcement & it was always the 7/25/56 show too on Sounds Like Radio.   But just today I noticed the incorrect date I wrote on the previous Crosby Message board.  I have now corrected that older posting to read correctly 7/25/56.   

But today's NEW Bing Show on the Sounds Like Radio Library of Sound Vol. 22 edition IS the 7/27/56 show.  

Now let's head over to Sounds Like Radio for this latest Bing show, this time it's really the 7/27/56 show. 


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Re: More Classic Bing Shows from 1956

Thank you. I enjoyed that. The companiment by Buddy Cole was excellent, wasn't it; as one would expect it to be.


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Re: More Classic Bing Shows from 1956

I'm happy to hear you enjoyed it so.  I feature Bing in every one of my regular Sounds Like Radio shows too along with a host of other great singers. 

A lot of stuff to explore at the site, Jean Shepherd stories, classic detective stories of Philip Marlowe & Nero Wolfe, Hopalong Cassidy shows, special holiday shows when the particular holiday is going on, and more stories and special recordings.  I am not on any social media thing on the web, never have been, so I don't have any real way of letting people know my podcast exists.  But that's OK, makes it more an exclusive club of folks who appreciate quality.   A couple new shows every week and more Bing shows to come.  It's all free too, & that don't hurt.   Thanks so much for listening.


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Re: More Classic Bing Shows from 1956

Archiefit, thanks a lot for your work. It is always a great pleasure to listen to your Sounds Like Radio shows.


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Re: More Classic Bing Shows from 1956

Thank you so much Tom for listening and letting me know you like the shows.   Believe me, I appreciate hearing that, it's so good to hear the Sounds Like Radio shows are being enjoyed.  I put in several hours of working out what songs to play on the shows in advance of ever recording the actual shows.   Actually doing the shows is the fun part, figuring out in advance which songs go best with that particular week's show is the hardest part.   Once I have my line-up of songs worked out it's fun time.   Sometimes I'll make last minute song changes too as I'm doing the show, that gives me a little energy boost.    I'm just so glad you enjoy them and hope you'll be enjoying them in the future.


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