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A New Bing Short Show Now Up & Ready

A new 15 min. Bing Crosby Show is now ready to be heard on Sounds Like Radio's Library of Sound.  Another neat little show you'll like from June of 1956.  Enjoy Bing in his own radio show and also listen for Bing in every one of our regular Sounds Like Radio shows too.  You can even listen in your car & it's all free!  This Is The Place:

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Re: A New Bing Short Show Now Up & Ready

Thanks a lot, Archiefit!
I'm really glad to hear from you again.))
Pleasant news from you as always.))


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Re: A New Bing Short Show Now Up & Ready

Thank you for listening and your kind comments.  I post a new regular Sounds Like Radio show containing music and Gildy every week.  Usually I post late Sunday night or sometimes early Mon. morning but this week since we're so close to the 4th of July, I didn't want to post 2 Sounds Like Radio shows a couple days apart from each other, a normal show and a holiday show.  So I posted a Bing show from our Vast Library of Sound for now and in a couple days I'll post the 4th of July show. 

I really appreciate hearing from folks who listen.  One thing about doing this thing, I never know who's listening or what they think.   I've learned it's impossible to figure out what people want to hear too.  Some shows, like Nero Wolfe, I posted and a whole lot of people listened.  So I thought I'll post another one, this time not nearly the same amount of people.  Sometimes I'll post a show I think is really good and it gets so-so response as far as listens are concerned.  Other times I've posted a show I didn't think twice about and it gets a big response in listens.  I finally have come to the conclusion, there is absolutely no way to predict what people want to hear.   So now I just do shows I think are really good and would want to hear & I don't try to think about what people will like as I have no idea.
Thanks though for standing by me from the beginning and listening.  It's nice to know the people who like the show.

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