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Bing Appearing Weekly On Sounds Like Radio

Hello Bingsters,
I've been including a Bing song in every episode of my Sounds Like Radio podcast.  Really there's Bing in 99% of all shows.  I especially recommend you listen to Episode 49 for a neat Bing singing about what he's learned & some funny action by Your Humble Host.  Also in the latest Epis. 50 you'll hear Dean Martin singing like Bing & then the great Bing himself sings like a bluebird. 

Really a great Bing surprise in every show.  For an entertaining hour of really great music & a fun radio show, The Great Gildersleeve listen to Sounds Like Radio, a new episode is featured every week, and it's all free all the time.  No matter when you tune in, we'll be there.  Now here's where the action is:


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Re: Bing Appearing Weekly On Sounds Like Radio

Dear Archiefit,

I'm really happy to hear from you again!
It's always a great pleasure to listen to "The Great Gildersleeve" and to the music you choose for your "Sounds Like Radio". I think, I can consider myself a fan of this show.
It happened only because of you and I'm glad it is so.)))
Thank you very much!

Tom Joe Mortel


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Re: Bing Appearing Weekly On Sounds Like Radio

I really appreciate the good words here Tom.  Thank you so much for your kindness and I'm really happy you're enjoying the shows.  Hope you caught the special Cinderella Storytime edition from a Great GIldersleeve original 78.  Thanks once again!

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