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Radio with Bing & so much more

Hello Bingsters Everywhere.  Just here to let you know my Sounds Like Radio shows continue, a new show every week.  With Christmas and New Year's now past I'm back to normal weekly shows, though I've left the Christmas & New Year shows up there for anyone who might like.  If you like good music (as it was said, only 2 kinds of music good and bad, I include only the good on Sounds Like Radio) and, of course, Bing Crosby music too on 99% of all episodes and if you like hearing the well written stories of The Great Gildersleeve then please pay us a visit and enjoy the wonderful music and classic comedy Gildersleeve radio shows every week.  The more the merrier. 

If you have a song request let me know here and if I have it I'll play it.  I think you'll find these shows very interesting, entertaining and most of all fun.   I hope you'll listen right here for radio the way you don't find it anymore.   That's why I call my show what I do, I hope you'll say "Now that Sounds Like Radio!"   There you have a little explanation of the title.  
For the fun click here, it's all free all the time:
Your Humble Host is here to serve. 

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Re: Radio with Bing & so much more

Dear Archiefit,
I'm really happy that you keep on uploading "Sunds Like Radio" shows.
I'm enjouing listening to each of the episodes very much, because you have a great taste on music and some of Bing's songs, which are included on "Sounds Like Radio" (I already told you about that, but there is no way not to mention that again) and "The Great Gildersleeve" is a funny and interesting show.
They don't make them like that anymore.


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Re: Radio with Bing & so much more

Thank you so much Tom for your very kind words and I thank you for your continued listener-ship.  Nice knowing good people are out there listening!  Every show I do I consider what music would be best and or what songs have not been heard of or not heard in a long time.  Most of all the songs have to be really fascinating & good to listen to. 

Back in the '70's and '80's I can remember hearing a show like the one I'm doing and always loved hearing music I was not aware of or discovering for the first time.  I hope to do that with my shows too, having fun as I do them is just a bonus.  Shows like the one I used to listen to are now long gone but luckily the music is not.   Thank you once again for listening!

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