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RIP: Rhonda Fleming

Sad to report that the beautiful Rhonda Fleming died. As most of you know, she starred with Bing in 1949's A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court...



17/10/2020 9:49 am  #2

Re: RIP: Rhonda Fleming

Yes, I completely agree with you, Lobosco, that's very sad!
I found out that such a beautiful woman died only couple of hours ago and I simply don't know what to say.
Miss her. Rest in peace, Rhonda Fleming...


18/10/2020 12:41 pm  #3

Re: RIP: Rhonda Fleming

She was indeed beautiful...

Visiting my grandparents in the mid ‘60s I used to enjoy looking through their small collection of the old F Maurice Speed “Film Review” annuals. I remember quite clearly a full-page colour studio portrait of Rhonda Fleming - probably in connection with “A Connecticut Yankee...” The caption referred to her as, “The Titian-haired Rhonda Fleming”. I had absolutely no idea what “Titian-haired” meant!

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19/10/2020 6:27 pm  #4

Re: RIP: Rhonda Fleming

Just saw the obit in today’s Daily Telegraph.
This 14th. October is building up with those that have passed on - Errol Flynn, Bing, Rhonda and former NZ cricket captain and also played in England - John Reid. He died same day as Rhonda last week.
No doubt there are other ‘notables’ on this day too.


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