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Bing Internet Radio site is Gone

For the past week or so, maybe more, the Bing Crosby Home place no longer has their Internet Bing radio thingy going.  It's gone, but weirdly the announcement is still there telling you to click and listen.  But there's nothing to click.    That site has been going downhill for a while anyway.  Someone there needs to wake up and fix it.


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Re: Bing Internet Radio site is Gone

It's working Ok now. You click on the arrow to the left of the description.


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Re: Bing Internet Radio site is Gone

It still looks the same when I look, there is no arrow and for that matter no description.   It only says Bing Internet Radio with a picture.  Even when I click on the picture nothing happens.   There USED to be a little box that DID have an arrow and when you clicked it played or you USED to be able to remove the little box out onto your desktop and play it that way.  But all that is a Used to it no longer works.   At leas it sure doesn't when I look there.   I'm talking about the BingCrosby.com site.  Oh well, back when they used to work they kept replaying the same shows over and over and worse they'd play Christmas shows long after the season was over.   So, like I said, it's been going downhill anyway.   I think whoever's in charge has just abandoned the site.  Seems that way.

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Re: Bing Internet Radio site is Gone

Archiefit, the arrow is imposed on the picture of Bing direct to the left of the grey box with the description of the show playing at the moment. It's not easy to see if you don't know it; I missed it too the first time I looked.
If you don't see the grey box, maybe you should consider trying to refresh your browser and/or delete the cache.

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Re: Bing Internet Radio site is Gone

It works OK for me, though I agree that the arrow is a little obscured by Bing's image. 
The popout box works too, and if you wish you can bookmark just that and get to it without going via the main site.



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Re: Bing Internet Radio site is Gone

Huh, you guys are right.   I think it is my out of date browser.   Because when I use my Firefox thing it shows the Bing radio arrow just like my other browser thing used to do.   I guess I really do need to update my browser on my regular internet thingy.  I've been getting messages to update, I just don't like making changes to my computer.   But looks like it's time.

Thanks to all and sorry for the false alarm.   Just call me Chicken Little.

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