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Collectors Love Collections

Mr. L (Lobosco), I just visited your Utube place where you show all your CDs on all those wonderful shelves.  That CD set-up is something I could use, esp. like your brand new CD shelves, beautiful and so efficient.   Now I'll be waiting at the curb for you to show up and install a set like that at my house.   I put my CDs in a sort of order too, so I can find them easy when I need them.  But yours are more organized than mine. 

One thing all collector's like is looking at other people's collections.  It's fascinating to me.   Did you ever see American Pickers on the History Channel?   They go around the country and will often be looking at other peoples sometimes strange collections, but I like to watch them even if I don't collect that type stuff.  

Good job on that video and your beautiful CD collection.


31/5/2020 1:29 pm  #2

Re: Collectors Love Collections

The video was deceiving because what I failed to express is my wife put most of it together. It was more than I had ever paid for a CD shelving unit - $230, but it was from Wayfair. They have some nice products (our living room coffee table is from there) but they bombard you with email ads once you order from them. Sometimes they have free shipping as well.

I'll post more videos of my collection in the future. I was just testing out doing something new. My 10 year old created the beginning and ending credits of the video. It is beyond me!


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