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Billy Cotton - Dinah

Billy Cotton had a nice version of Bing's Dinah. The band recorded it on September 18, 1935 with Chips Chippendall on vocal - anyone remember him? Nice sound...



22/2/2020 8:20 pm  #2

Re: Billy Cotton - Dinah

Many thanks to David for posting these alternative versions of Bing’s hits...

I am just old enough to remember the television incarnation of “The Billy Cotton Band Show” in the early 60s here in the UK, with the Cockney band-leader’s trade-mark yell of, “Wakey, Wake-aaaaay..!”, before the band played their theme tune, “Somebody Stole My Gal”.

David’s previous post drew attention to Gordon Macrae’s version of, “I Surrender Dear”. I love Gordon Macrae’s voice. He also made a very appealing version of, “Tumbling Tumblesweeds”...


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Re: Billy Cotton - Dinah

I enjoyed that Billy Cotton recording. Thanks for posting it.


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Re: Billy Cotton - Dinah

I used to play the British Dance bands all the time when I used to exchange music with friends in England. Now they are all gone, and my collection of the British Dance bands are collecting dust. Glad you liked it!

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