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A nice mini-documentary on Christmas at the Hollywood Palace


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Re: A nice mini-documentary on Christmas at the Hollywood Palace

This was originally an hour long PBS special broadcast more than 10-15 years ago.   They only posted the first 6 minutes unfortunately.   This has been a regular December recording I've watched each year since it was shown. 

They also show some great scenes of Perry Como's 1969 Christmas Palace show with the beautiful Lennon Sisters singing with him.  Also one of my very favorite Bing scenes from the Hollywood Palace Christmas shows is included in the hour version.   This is the scene where Bing so movingly tells the story of the Little Match Girl while his adorable little daughter listens intently and a ballerina dances the story out in the background.   It actually brings a tear to my eye when I watch it every year.  Just to have a beautiful quality video of this scene was worth the whole program, up until then I had a bootleg of the original show but the quality was not as good as the PBS special's cable signal version.  

The one complaint I'd have is they did not show my other very favorite Bing Hollywood Palace Christmas scene, when he introduces Kate Smith and she sings her wonderful "Christmas Eve In My Hometown".   This song so interested me when I saw the old bootleg tape I went on a quest to find the album it must have been recorded on back in '66 (I assumed, this was all pre-internet days).   I've told this story before but I asked the late Chick Wilson Bing to see if he could find the album in his many visits to used record sales in the country.  He not only found it but he found a CD of it.  I was thrilled when he told me a year after he found it and it sat on a shelf in his house that he had it but had forgotten who it was that asked for it!   So if I hadn't asked him if he was ever able to find that Kate Smith album I might never have been able to buy it.   Thanks Chick, I still listen to it every year.


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Re: A nice mini-documentary on Christmas at the Hollywood Palace

Frans, that was beaut. The segment with the family showed what a 'natural' Bing was for TV. Many of the Hollywood Palace shows were televised in Australia.


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Re: A nice mini-documentary on Christmas at the Hollywood Palace

Thank you very much, Archiefit, for your information about the Hollywood Palace PBS programme. I wasn't aware of this.

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Re: A nice mini-documentary on Christmas at the Hollywood Palace

Good find though Frans.  When I watched it after your announcement here I thought I'd let you know of it's origin.  I'm only sorry they didn't post the whole hour version.   I don't know how to post on Youtube, maybe David can post it.   I have also seen the Perry Como and Andy Williams Christmas specials posted there that were shown on GET TV last year and again this year.   This makes me think it's only a matter of time before somebody will post the recent GET showings of Bing's Christmas shows.   I see there are several different Bing fans who post videos of Bing there, even more reason to believe one of them will get those GET Bing's up there sooner or later.   Now whether Youtube will then take them down is another thing.   If you're quick you can get your copy though before You Tube gets to censoring.   You know, come to think of it, but isn't the owner of You Tube now also the owner of Amazon?   Per our Christmas CD thread this explains the never ending censorship that goes on.   I'm not real sure though that it is the same owner.

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