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New film about Bing

Bing's grandson, Gregory Crosby, has just announced this on Facebook:
"BING, THE EARLY YEARS -- In development at Make-Believe Entertainment. "During World War II (and for several years after), Bing Crosby was the most popular entertainer the USA had ever known: He was the #1 actor at the movie box office, the #1 recording artist in the world and the hosted the top-rated radio show in America. It's like he was peak Tom Cruise, peak Michael Jackson and peak Johnny Carson all at the same time" -- Military.com"

I know nothing more.


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Re: New film about Bing

A rather enigmatic statement from Gregory, but I'm unclear what the link to Military.com points to? My search on that site reveals nothing that is relevant.


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Re: New film about Bing

Gregory Crosby (age 67) is the chairman and CEO of Make-Believe Entertainment. The Internet Movie Database describes him as a writer / producer and amongst his credits is one for co-producer on Hacksaw Ridge (2016). 
I must admit that I did not know much about Gregory Crosby and Internet sources show him to be the son of Dennis Crosby and Pat Sheehan. However, I noticed that he was born seven years before the Crosby / Sheehan marriage and further research suggests that he is the product of Pat Sheehan’s earlier marriage to George Von Duuglas-Ittu and that he was born in 1951 and given the name of Franz Nicholas Gregory. It seems that Dennis Crosby adopted him and that he became known as Gregory Crosby. How reliable this information on the Internet is I don’t know.
This looks like a very interesting project and I hope it comes to fruition.

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Re: New film about Bing

I got in touch with Gregory Crosby on twitter and it sounds interesting. He is trying to get Justin Timberlake to play a young Bing. Martin Scorsese was talking about a Dean Martin movie for years but nothing happened. This would be a feature film.


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Re: New film about Bing

Thanks, Malcolm and David, for the news on this subject.

I really hope they will find someone to play Bing (at whatever age period) who is NOT known in his own right as a singer (of sorts) - that will only detract. Just think about how well Larry Parks was in the role of Al Jolson. I also hope someone will be chosen who has NO reputation of 'slummy' behavior, inside or outside his professional career - for the same reason.

Biographical films really should start with 'a white canvas', in my opinion.

Just my two-cents-worth.


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Re: New film about Bing

I thought that Kevin Spacey would have been a good contender to play Bung but that is now out of the question


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Re: New film about Bing

Another possible film was the aim of Ron Hall of Festival Films. He wrote a script years ago and is wondering whether to update it. I found it very interesting to read. Have a look at https://www.fesfilms.com/r2h.pdf

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Re: New film about Bing

That would make an entertaining film which, unfortunately (in my opinion) would appeal only to Crosby fans. I enjoyed reading the script and liked the way in which songs were integrated into the dialogue but I can't imagine that many folk would be sufficiently interested to watch it for long.


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