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David Kiner of Redmond Nostalgia

I wanted to write an story for my blog on OTR and collecting, and I wanted to get in touch with David Kiner. Does anyone have his contact info? I wanted to see if I could reach him. I can't find any info.



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Re: David Kiner of Redmond Nostalgia

Hi David

When Redmond first ceased trading I tried to get in touch with David Kiner via the e-mail address I had used for ordering CDs, which was - I think - info@redmondnostalgia.com. I had had some personal correspondence with David via this address, but as soon as he ceased trading, that particular trail went cold, so to speak, and I lost touch with him. I was never able to find any other contact details. I hope you have better luck...


21/12/2018 12:59 am  #3

Re: David Kiner of Redmond Nostalgia

Seems Kiner went into his cave as soon as his business was shut down by our friendly neighborhood Bing people that so recently honored us with HIGHLY edited Bing shows.  Such an improvement over those other folks who you used to be able to buy UNCUT stuff from.  I bought a lot of cassette tapes of Bing shows from Kiner back when, I was not too thrilled though with the quality of some of them, as he would cut off the first 30 or 40 seconds of the show on some of his tapes.  But most were good.  I later turned all those cassettes into my own CDs so I could listen to them forevermore and not have to worry about a tape getting mucked up in the tape recorder/player.   Nowadays, Bing fans have it  easy, most of these shows now are all for free on the internet, just think of all I could have saved if I was collecting today.


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