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Phil Harris 45rpm

I am a big fan of Phil Harris (1904-1995) and although he is a "non-singer", he did have a way with a song. I was looking for a book of 45rpms that were my stepfather's mother's records, and I found a nice 45rpm Phil made in 1968. I have not heard it before. I have heard of the songs, but as I get older these songs take on a newer meaning...

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Re: Phil Harris 45rpm

This is my personal favorite song...

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Re: Phil Harris 45rpm

David, as a fan of Phil Harris you probably know that in 1927 he played drums in Carol Lofner's orchestra in Australia at the Palais de Danse in Melbourne. The band included American and Australian musicians. Subsequently Harris wrote to the music magazine TEMPO stating 'the year spent in Melbourne playing at the Palais was one of the happiest of my life'.His recording of 'The thing' was a number one hit here.


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Re: Phil Harris 45rpm

That is very interesting. Phil Harris seemed very down to earth and genuine. That's probably why Bing counted him as a close friend.

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Re: Phil Harris 45rpm

When I met Bing in Seattle in 1957 he was with Bing.
I was so in awe of seeing Bing and saying hello that I ignored Phil. Looking back I guess I may have been quite rude to ignore him but I was only 23 and just landed from Australia a few days beforehand and couldn't believe my luck in actually meeting Bing after being a fan for about 13 years and just having arrived in North America. Later on I attended a Bob Crosby fun raiser in Los Angeles and visited the Crosby office and met Larry.
Later on I met and spoke to Bing a few times when living in England late 60's and 70's.


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Re: Phil Harris 45rpm

First time I became aware of Phil Harris is back in the '60's when as a kid I heard him playing Baloo the bear in Jungle Book.  Later when discovering old time radio shows in the early '70's I laughed my head off when I discovered the Phil Harris/Alice Faye Show.  One of the, if not THE funniest radio shows you'll ever hear.  I still laugh out loud when listening to this show.  Phil was a great entertainer, band leader and yes a great singer, he made many many funny records that sold in the '40's and sang many of these classic songs on his radio show too.   I have many CDs of Phil's great songs and enjoy them everytime they pop up on my computer's Media Player from the CD downloads. 

I have never heard though Phil's versions of the 2 songs you posted David, excellent.  I would like to buy them on a CD if they are available.  Do you know if they're on a commercial CD release?   Great find, you've got.


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