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Bing in Germany

In the seventies Bing obviously planned to give concerts in Germany. As the reputable German news magazin "Der Spiegel" reports in its issue from September 20th 1976 Bing wanted to appear on stage in Frankfurt, Berlin and Hamburg and thereby thank the Germans for calling him lovingly "Der Bingle". According to "Der Spiegel" he intended to donate the sales revenues of his concerts to German charities. For those who speak German here is the link to the article in the Spiegel news archive: 
Bing's death in 1977 presumably was the reason why the concerts never were realised. As a matter of fact I watched a German TV show ("Am laufenden Band") on October 15th 1977 when the host (Rudi Carrell) announced that it had been planned that Bing Crosby should sing White Christmas in his show but that he unfortunataly had died the day before.... Could it be that the German concerts had been planned for October 1977 for the days following the TV show?
BTW watching this TV show as a 13 year old boy was the starting point for me for becoming a Bing Crosby fan. Hearing from the host that "The Old Groaner" had been the most successful singer on earth I curiously watched all the films and shows which were transmitted during the following days in commemoration of Bing - and as you can imagine I got hooked immediately! 

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Re: Bing in Germany

That's interesting, Thomas. I was aware of one performance Bing did in Germany in his later years - he did sing White Christmas in a show if my memory serves me right. But I wasn't aware he obviously was planning a concert tour in Germany. What a pity he died so relatively young (when you look at it from our times).


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Re: Bing in Germany

I couldn't agree more, Frans - I'm sure Bing would have done some really fascinating things if he would have lived longer: Not only some more concerts in Europe, but also the planned "Road To the Fountain Of Youth"-movie and maybe even some CD albums in superb digital quality. And what a shame that your compatriot Rudi Carrell did not have the pleasure of welcoming Bing in his show!

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