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A Message and request to members and Guests

A forum such as this can only survive and attract new members by the number and quality of it's postings.

There are currently 13 registered members who have as yet posted nothing.  I see you all as an untapped resource and I'd like to tap into it. 

I do not ask for postings for the sake of it;  that will be uninteresting and counter-productive, but I do think that some have interesting things to say, whether about likes or dislikes, why you have them and how they were formed;  how you became interested in matters Bing, what you think of the number and quality of the issues we have seen over the last year or what might be in your unfilled wish list.  Or may-be you have seen something here that you want to challenge. The possible topics are many.  And there are some that I know who have knowledge and background that enables them to write informatively.

I rarely see less than a dozen 'Guests' at any one time. Frequently there are many more. Come on in. Join us. Something brought you here - stay a little longer - sign up and tell us about yourselves.

I have added a number of links to other sites at the top of this page that in my opinion follow the principles set out in our own 'Rules' with a view to making this site an enabling link for all matters to do with Bing.  I am prepared to add others, even though space might become a problem.
Suggestions are very welcome.


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