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Hello everyone. I'm Mike from West Yorkshire, UK.
I've been an admirer of Bing and his work since childhood, some time ago. 
I've recently bought the Mailcall broadcasts and the Kraft and Chesterfield radio shows from the 40s and 50s and I have to tell you, they're money well spent. To hear not only the performance but Bing's banter with his guests (Hollywood's finest) is a delight.
Great to find like minded fans to chat with!


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Re: Mailcall

Hello, Mike and welcome.

Those radio shows are certainly extremely entertaining. The sense of immediacy is strong and when Bing stumbles over something, only to recover very quickly, or turn it into a joke, able to react instantly, you understand what a superb entertainer he was.

I assume you have acquired a set of digital recordings in MP3 format that have circulated for some time. Unfortunately it is unrealistic to expect the complete shows to be a practical and economic proposition on CDs for the mass market, but a flavour of the immediacy in presentation of the songs comes through on the recently issued "Bing Crosby In The Hall" - see this thread http://crosbyfanworld.boardhost.com/viewtopic.php?id=531

- and is certain to be repeated in the forthcoming "Bing sings for the Armed Forces Radio Service" noted at the end of the same thread.

You don't get the banter with guests but you get the songs very well presented with (sorry to repeat this) the immediacy that always seems to me to be evident in those old live radio shows. 


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Re: Mailcall

Welcome, Mike. There's a meeting of Bing fans in Leeds on October 6 if you are interested. It's always a friendly occasion.


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