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Re: Robert Bader

Just out of curiosity, I see that many of these rare and hard-to-find CD releases of Bing Crosby material were done in Japan. As a jazz collector, I have often realized that many rare CD releases come from Japan, most of them with very attractive packaging, liner notes in Japanese, and very good sound quality (and, of course, usually extremely expensive as imports in the USA and Europe, where these CDs were not released domestically). I have often wondered why it may be that so many of these releases come from Japan. Is there a particularly fruitful market in Japan for classic pop and jazz re-releases? And if so, why is that? Can anyone offer any information or any guesses about this?


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Re: Robert Bader

jeremyrose wrote:

What with the "Chronological" and "Through The Years" series, together with the recent BCE/Collector's Choice releases, Bing's amazing commercial recording legacy has been pretty well served. There are still gaps to be filled, of course, but we're getting there!

I wonder if I could extend the "thread" by asking what other contributors would like to see released from Bing's film and TV archive.

My own short-list (from a very long long-list), would be a re-mastered release of the original Bing/Ethel Merman "Anything Goes", together with pristine copies of the Bing/Maurice Chevalier 1961 Oldsmobile TV special and Bing's appearances on Vera Lynn's and Dinah Shore's TV shows in the 1970s - particularly the moment when Bing joins Dinah Shore for a rendition of "True Love" (apparently with very little rehearsal!) and the entire studio audience gets to their feet to applaud.

Finally, one of the highlights of the Leeds meeting over the past few years has been the private compilations of Bing's contributions to the "Hollywood Palace" TV show. If BCE owns the rights to these and ever contemplates issuing a DVD, I would be first in the queue!


Ken Crossland, in the latest issue of ''Bing'', draws attention to 'Nostalgia Merchant' at http://www.nostalgiamerchant.biz/index 
The site takes some navigating, but the sets that Ken particularly mentions are

Rare Classics Volume 1 - a 6 DVD set including High Tor on disc 4,

and a set of

Holywood Palace shows "Hollywood Palace Collection Vol 3" with ten shows with Bing as the host in three. The site is not unhappily very informative.



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Re: Robert Bader

I would like to see the rest of Bing's movies released on DVD as well as when he appeared on Joe Franklin with Kathryn[I have a poor copy of this that someone made for me.]. I also would like to see the show where Bing celebrated 50 years[the one he fell off the stage.]. I also have a very poor copy of this one.

Peace and Love! 

21/4/2013 6:13 pm  #29

Re: Robert Bader

I would like to have all of Bing's films from through the 30's.
Some weren't very long, not much of a story line, but very good songs in them.
The songs of the 30's and 40's really had 'meaning' to them.


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