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Worlds Records

Of general interest, because it shows the state of the market for recorded music, and possibly of specific interest for those in search of bargains, is an email recently received -

''Worlds Records is going out of business. In order to promote internet sales we are offering a 5% discount on all web orders. This discount will show up in the final invoice. After more than 40 years in business we will be closing when all inventory is gone. 

To this end we are inaugurating a new sale today. Every Tuesday we will be offering all product from one or more Artist Listings on sale with a 25% discount. For example, today we are offering all CDs by artists whose last name begins with C, such as Bob Chester, Carmen Cavallaro, Rosemary Clooney, Benny Carter, etc. This applies to Various Artist collections also. These various artist collections are listed by the first letter of the title, such as Cabaret Echoes, Columbia Dance Bands, Chart Toppers Of The Thirties, etc. These sales are limited to stock on hand. These sale items for the week of February 25. Once again, this week's sale items can be found here.

All sale items included in orders from our website will receive a 30% discount, 25% from the sale product price and a 5% bonus discount on all items included in the order (even if they are not on sale), calculated on final invoice.

We will continue offering New Releases as they appear. For instance we have recently begun offering the Crystal Stream label (from Australia). We had a problem with these CDs when they were first offered in 2002 and we discontinued selling them for ten years. The problem, it turned out, was that paper labels were used on the discs and an imbalance on some discs caused problems with many CD players. Now the discs have information applied with ink; the sound is as great as ever and for those who enjoy music of the 1920s and 1930s you will find these discs a wonderful addition to your library. 

Another label that we have not offered from many years, Classics Chronological Collections, are available once again. These CDs were first offered in batches of 5 per month over an incredible 15 year period. Over 765 titles were originally produced in France. Now an ambitious project has resurfaced with the intention to bring back as many of the original titles as sales warrant. The plan is to present all releases by an artist at one time (or in the case of an artist like Duke Ellington who had 45 CDs, in several batches). For instance the early artist reissues are by Ethel Waters (7 of the 8 CDs), James P. Johnson (8 titles), The Three Peppers (1 CD), etc.. These CDs are manufactured in the United States.''

They currently list several CDs by Bing, including the double CD sets in the ''Going Hollywood'' series frpom Jasmine 


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Re: Worlds Records

Worlds Records was always a little bit more expensive than the other companies, but I always found something I liked there. Sad state of music these days.


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