06/2/2013 7:14 am  #1

Robert Bader

Lachlan Mclean has emailed me as follows:

I found this whilst looking around for Bing news. Bader talks about 2013 plans with Universal:



06/2/2013 9:58 am  #2

Re: Robert Bader

It seems that you need to sign into Soundcloud (which can be done via an existing Facebook account) in order to hear this clip.

In it Robert Bader says that they have something like 2000 unissued masters in their possession and that they have formed a partnership with Universal (who possess 1200 Decca masters). Between them they will come up with some interesting issues in 2013. I am paraphrasng, not quoting directly.

I make an assumption that 2000 unissued masters refers to mainly radio (possibly TV) material.
Alternative access here 


06/2/2013 5:15 pm  #3

Re: Robert Bader

GREAT! Keep the vault doors open and keep this treasure trove a comin'!

All the best,
Paul M. Mock

06/2/2013 10:20 pm  #4

Re: Robert Bader

If any radio stuff is released I hope they release whole radio shows and not just the songs.

Peace and Love! 

08/2/2013 12:12 am  #5

Re: Robert Bader

48blonde wrote:

If any radio stuff is released I hope they release whole radio shows and not just the songs.

Carmela, that's a very nice prospect but I suspect that it is very unlikely.
Some enthusiasts (including possibly you and me), but probably an inadequate number, would very happily pay for good quality versions of the radio shows.  

A fairly large number are available on the internet to download, and Bing Crosby Enterprises at ''The Offical Home Of Bing Crosby'' have a number of shows which they stream. If your connection is good they come over very well. Here



08/2/2013 2:02 am  #6

Re: Robert Bader

Richard- Someone made me mp3 dvd's with over 400 Bing Radio Shows on them. I listened to 12 so far. Some come in clear and some don't. I have many that I purchased that were released and I have many that others have made me through the years. So I have a pretty good collection of them. But the more the merrier!!! Thanks for your help and knowledge!

Peace and Love! 

08/2/2013 8:40 pm  #7

Re: Robert Bader

This is a little off the subject but how do those mp3 dvds work? I see them all the time really cheap. Can you download them on your computer and then burn them to a CD. I listen to music still on CDs. I don't have an Ipod or Mp3. Are they worth their money?


08/2/2013 10:41 pm  #8

Re: Robert Bader

David, I don't have an ipod or mp3 player. I have equipment that plays stuff burned on dvd's from mp3 player. I know most dvd players today play them [not all]. Anyway, I'm enjoying these radio shows. I play them on my Panasonic dvd players and my portable coby dvd player. Sound quality is Great! If I lose power later, I will listen to some of these shows on my portable dvd player because I charged the battery. Ebay has many radio shows burned from mp3 players. 

Peace and Love! 

09/2/2013 11:16 am  #9

Re: Robert Bader

I'm a little surprised that this item has not attracted more comment.

Not only does it promise some positive action in the near(ish) future, but it implies that there has been some sort of agreement worked out between Universal and Bing Crosby Enterprises. If so it would appear to me that all rights to the vast majority of all recorded material will be likely to come under some form of joint control, working to a common purpose. 


09/2/2013 11:48 am  #10

Re: Robert Bader

I am holding back on excitement until the BCE releases a little more information - I am cautiously excited if that is a proper description.


09/2/2013 2:21 pm  #11

Re: Robert Bader

I'm with you David.

Peace and Love! 

09/2/2013 7:34 pm  #12

Re: Robert Bader

I think "cautiously excited" is an excellent description, David!

My own view is that if Universal has seen fit to go into some sort of partnership with BCE, they (Universal) must think there's a market for the available material. After all, they run a business... I agree with Richard that it's extremely unlikely that we will see complete radio shows being  released, however much some collectors would like to see them made more widely available - and I am one of them!

Like the rest of us, I have no idea what might be in the pipe-line, but it would appear that whatever transpires will have the Universal marketing machine behind it, which, if nothing else, will ensure maximum exposure.

With regard to BCE, leaving aside the well-rehearsed arguments about the re-cycling of material from the excellent Mosaic set, the impressively-produced releases which resulted from the collaboration with Collector's Choice occupy a space on my shelves which I never thought I would see filled in my life-time and are a credit to the people who were behind them. If the deal with Universal brings about more of the same, it can surely only be a good thing.

From a purely selfish point of view, I would like to see a few loose ends tied up which were left at the end of the BCE/Collector's Choice collaboration. Digital re-masters of, for instance, "Bing 'n' Basie" and - dare I say it? - "Hey Jude, Hey Bing!"

I too am "cautiously excited..."!


14/3/2013 3:24 pm  #13

Re: Robert Bader

One area that might be fruitfully exploited among this BCE and Universal-Decca amalgamation of tracks would be a collection which highlighted, in a deep and serious way, Bing's artistic capabilities as a duet partner.  That is something he displayed more in broadcast performances than on record, so it is possible that the BCE vault has some examples that could expand this view, perhaps even astonishingly.  Any of us who have listened to many of Bing's radio shows know how talented he is as a duetist and how generously he supports his duet partners, and of course, there are some CDs that collect Crosby duets, but I am not aware of a collection which not only collects tracks meant to highlight the range of this talent but also presents serious critical liner notes meant to establish Bing's reputation in this area.  And I would very much like to see that happen.


18/3/2013 5:38 pm  #14

Re: Robert Bader

     Thread Starter

19/3/2013 6:55 pm  #15

Re: Robert Bader

So what we have are re-issues of the HLC/Collector's Choice CDs plus the independent HLC issue ''Bing In Dixieland'' but not including the two download exclusives. It has to be assumed that the musical content will be identical.

Clearly all easily available via the likes of Amazon, but now also with some penetration into record stores (or the few that are left). 

That increased coverage has to be good. but otherwise the major news is the promise of things to come. 


20/3/2013 8:05 am  #16

Re: Robert Bader

Shame that Universal haven't updated their website with this news. How important is it to them?

I'm concerned that this could end up like the Bing Hollywood CDs if they are not marketed appropriately.


17/4/2013 5:26 pm  #17

Re: Robert Bader

I have had an opportunity of comparing samples of the reissues from Universal Music with the original Collector's Choice issues of 2010.

The packaging format is the same - those nice little Digipack cases have been retained, which I welcome.

There are a few subtle differences in the artwork (the picture of Bing on the front of ''Seasons'' for example is a little smaller, leading to a more balanced presentation, whilst shades are slightly altered, and the size of the typeface is different in some). But all the differences are small and only stand out in detailed side by side comparison. 

All reference to Collector's Choice has, as would be expected, been removed, but the replacement text referring to Universal is restrained, there being no very obvious branding, merely a statement  - "Distributed by Universal Music Distribution".

Far more obvious is the addition of an FBI Anti Piracy warning logo!
On some you even have to search quite hard for the Universal Catalog number.

Musical content is of course the same (at least on all those I have examined in detail - but I would not expect any changes).

The only absentee from the current list as against the original ''Collector's Choice'' list seems to be "The Crosby Christmas Sessions" which I assume might appear in a more seasonal issue schedule.

It would be very nice to see "Shall We Dance'' and ''With All My Heart'' added as genuine 'hands-on' CDs as well. These seem no longer to be on the iTunes site, and whilst they are listed as downloads on the Amazon US site, Amazon refuses to allow foreign sales of them. They are not listed on the Amazon UK site.

It will be even more exciting to have some genuinely new material from the new collaboration. 

I still cannot find any listing for the current re-issues on any of the many Universal Music Group websites. Can someone point me in the right direction or is there some faint-hearted promotion (not) going on here? 

In contrast, and perhaps slightly surprisingly, Collector's Choice list all in their current catalog and online listing. 



18/4/2013 6:59 pm  #18

Re: Robert Bader

The advent of the CD opened a new world to many artists, whom took great care to ensure quality editions of their work and unreleased material were finally released. Bob Dylan is a great example of this whom through an official “Bootleg” series has released a multitude of live shows, unreleased tracks and alternative takes, each with great packaging and informative booklets. A treasure trove for fans, and proof that people will spend the money if the material is made available.

So it begs the question why did it take so long for similar respect to be given to one of the greats of popular music??  Obviously the last few years have been outstanding , and one can only hope that the quality and constancy of the releases continues.
I mean the notes to the Crosby Clooney radio session set refers to enough music from that program for 600 episodes of that show alone, in the library. Just think what is still out there…..

I hope the evidence is that it has been proven there is a demand for the material or else the CCM editions would not be receiving a re-release.

But I am curious……what would other Crosby fans like to see out there, that’s not currently legitimately available in good quality. What other hidden gems can we hope for.

I mean, if you were involved in an independant label such as Sepia, would you not think to keep an eye on pages such as these to see what the fan demand is for??



18/4/2013 11:13 pm  #19

Re: Robert Bader

Kevin, I know from the exchange of emails we had when you signed on to this board that you are interested in the tracks with Buddy Cole.

Many have been included in a seven CD set from Mosaic with further inclusions in the recent reissues from Unversal/HLC, but I suspect from your e-mail to me that you are aware of that.

There is a complete index of known tracks here http://www.bingmagazine.co.uk/bingmagazine/final2.htm#buddy

(scroll to  ''Overall list of Tracks with Buddy Cole -  1954 to 1962'')

As to what other fans would like to see - I hope that others might comment?

As to Sepia, there is a good relationship between Sepia and International Club Crosby, which is  certainly well represented on this discussion forum.



19/4/2013 3:11 am  #20

Re: Robert Bader

I have the 7-CD Mosaic set of the radio recordings that Bing made with Buddy Cole, and I must say that it is one of the jeweis not only of my Bing collection, but also of my record collection in general. It is up there with the monumental Columbia Years set by Frank Sinatra, the complete Pablo Masterpieces set by Art Tatum, and the complete Hot Fives and Sevens by Louis Armstrong, to name but three. It is a set that every serious Bing fan needs to have.

In response to the question about what I would like to see available on CD, I would say that there are four albums that I would like to have and that haven't been released on compact disc yet. They are "Bingo Viejo," "Holiday in Europe," "Hey Jude - Hey Bing," and "Bing 'n' Basie."

The first of these, "Bingo Viejo," is a very interesting record that Bing released in his later years and that finds him singing some Latin American standards, venturing into Spanish with a very nice pronunciation on some of the tracks! I've never heard "Holiday in Europe" and am interested in having it, and although "Hey Jude - Hey Bing" might not be Bing's best effort, I am a completist and would love to have it. Finally, I can't understand why "Bing 'n' Basie" has yet to be released on CD, particularly when so much material by Basie is available, including the very odd "Basie Meets Bond"... We can only hope that these four titles (unreleased to the best of my knowledge) see the light of day in remastered versions in the near future.


19/4/2013 6:57 am  #21

Re: Robert Bader

"Bing 'n' Basie" and "Holiday in Europe" have had "official" CD releases - the latter in a Japanese pressing from - I think - the same stable that issued a CD release of "Songs I Wish I had Sung..." I'm sure Richard will have more info! Could't agree more about "Hey Jude, Hey Bing" and "Bingo Viejo", though..


19/4/2013 10:13 am  #22

Re: Robert Bader

Anton, I think your choices are three that stand out as needing attention in the CD issue arena (well maybe two and an also ran, taking account of the misgivings about Hey Jude!).

But Jeremy is correct - if you had the cash to splash, back in 1993 you could import an expensive Japanese offering of ''Holiday In Europe''. Superbly engineered and presented with booklet giving full lyrics. The Japanese notes might have been a little challenging! It was on a Japanese MCA CD,  Cat. MVCM-294. 

The Basie album was on two CD issues - one on Emarcy, which I believe was officially marketed in the US and goes back to the 1980s. It is a label attached to the Polygram/ Phonogram stable EMARCY RECORDS  CD: 824 705-2 and my copy was made in Germany but clearly aimed at the English speaking market (unlike the Japanese ''Holiday In Europe'').

It was also issued in Australia on the Pickwick label PICKWICK PKD 3022  in 1990 

Any of them are worth seeking out, the Pickwick being a rather cheap presentation (single sheet insert, but the audio is acceptable).


Last edited by Richard Baker (19/4/2013 10:15 am)


19/4/2013 10:32 am  #23

Re: Robert Bader

I knew Richard would have chapter and verse..!

I also have a Japanese CD of "Fancy Meeting You Here". Full English lyrics, but notes and CD spine in Japanese. I think this is on Japanese RCA rather than MCA - I'm away from home at the moment so can't check this out. There was also a Japanese CD release of the "Musical Autobiography" which I remember was far too expensive for me to contemplate at the time - I had to wait for the Avid release to replace my well-worn LPs.


19/4/2013 8:34 pm  #24

Re: Robert Bader

I rememberv seeing 'Bing 'n Basie' (BIA) in the 80's. I never bought it as I didn't have a CD player at the time.


20/4/2013 1:01 am  #25

Re: Robert Bader

What with the "Chronological" and "Through The Years" series, together with the recent BCE/Collector's Choice releases, Bing's amazing commercial recording legacy has been pretty well served. There are still gaps to be filled, of course, but we're getting there!

I wonder if I could extend the "thread" by asking what other contributors would like to see released from Bing's film and TV archive.

My own short-list (from a very long long-list), would be a re-mastered release of the original Bing/Ethel Merman "Anything Goes", together with pristine copies of the Bing/Maurice Chevalier 1961 Oldsmobile TV special and Bing's appearances on Vera Lynn's and Dinah Shore's TV shows in the 1970s - particularly the moment when Bing joins Dinah Shore for a rendition of "True Love" (apparently with very little rehearsal!) and the entire studio audience gets to their feet to applaud.

Finally, one of the highlights of the Leeds meeting over the past few years has been the private compilations of Bing's contributions to the "Hollywood Palace" TV show. If BCE owns the rights to these and ever contemplates issuing a DVD, I would be first in the queue!


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