28/11/2010 9:36 pm  #1

Publicizing The Board

I hope it is okay, but I took it upon myself to publicize and encourage people to visit this board on my blog.

Here is the link to the post:


29/11/2010 3:42 am  #2

Re: Publicizing The Board

Thank you, Lobosco.  If you scroll down to the tagline at the very bottom of each page of this discussion board, you will see the request that members, and perhaps visitors too, spread the word about this cyberplace (assuming they find it worthwhile).  Since the quality of the experience depends on the participation of everyone who decides to join, all of us should be grateful to those who have publicized this board with links at other websites, as Lobosco and a few others have aleady done.  These and other similar efforts (emails, phone messages...) may bring this community many fascinating participants.

Crosby fans are our favourite people!

29/11/2010 8:02 pm  #3

Re: Publicizing The Board

I have posted the adress of this board on the famed Steve Hoffman Forums which is overrun by audiophiles and music nuts like me.  We'll see if it gets any response.

All the best,
Paul M. Mock

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