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An Exclusive Bing 15 Min. Thanksgiving Show On Sounds Like Radio +++

Celebrate Thanksgiving all this week on Sounds Like Radio with Your Humble Host.   We have different Thanksgiving shows every day this week.   Don't miss our main Thanksgiving show the Thanksgiving Special In Song, fun Surprise guests, Bing Crosby songs and a Great GIldersleeve Thanksgiving all in one grand Special.  You'll also find our Library of Sound (LOS) features with a Thanksgiving Phil Harris Alice Faye Show, & a Bing Crosby exclusive in a not to be found elsewhere 15 minute Thanksgiving show.   There's also the master story teller Jean Shepherd with 2 Thanksgiving shows I recorded myself in 1975-one's available now the other's a post-Thanksgiving show to be available Friday.  There will be a fun Lum and Abner Thanksgiving (a show I've listened to every Thanksgiving for more than 40 years) & you'll also hear the REAL story of Thanksgiving from a master broadcaster.
Loads of Thanksgiving shows everyday this week.  Enjoy them while you can, our holiday shows don't stay up long after the holiday is past. 
It's all free and right here:


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