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Another Unknown Comic Book With Bing

I've found another comic book that features Bing Crosby.  It's called "Famous Stars" from January 1950, here's the cover:

And here is the Bing comic section itself.  It tells the story in comic book form of Bing & Dixie.



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Re: Another Unknown Comic Book With Bing


This is one I have never seen.

Great find.


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Re: Another Unknown Comic Book With Bing

I had never seen it before either.  Just came across it by accident while reading a comic book blog.   I knew of the Bing Father of the Year comic, I even found it myself at a comic book convention years ago.  But the "Riding High" comic (I sited previously on this Bing Board) I had never heard of before and now another "new" Bing comic from "Famous Stars".   I thought Bing's buddy Bob Hope was the only one to have comic books dedicated to him, glad to see Bing getting in a couple licks too.

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