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Bing on TCM

I see that TCM are mounting a birthday tribute to Bing on May 2 with the following being shown. "Man on Fire" is very rare.
10:15 AM Angels in the Outfield (1951)
12:15 PM Road to Bali (1953)
2:00 PM High Society (1956)
4:00 PM Man on Fire (1957)
5:45 PM Robin and the 7 Hoods (1964)


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Re: Bing on TCM

Thanks for flagging this up, Malcolm... I'll certainly be setting the digi-box to 'record' for "Man on Fire"..!


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Re: Bing on TCM

i should have explained that it was TCM in the USA.

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Re: Bing on TCM

Oh well, never mind..!


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Re: Bing on TCM

I wish someone would begin to show Bing's rarer movies.


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Re: Bing on TCM

Lobosco wrote:

I wish someone would begin to show Bing's rarer movies.

Over here in the UK, in the 1970's and 1980's, I fondly remember the BBC would fairly regularly show quite a number of Bing's films from 1930's and 1940's. These would usually be broadcast on their second -and at the time only other channel, named (funnily enough) BBC 2. I seem to remember whiling away many a happy Saturday afternoon and weekday early evening being introduced to such films as "Here Come The Waves", "We're Not Dressing", "Road to Morocco",  "Dixie" and (as Lobosco beautifully reviewed in Spring's 2021 edition of the International Club Crosby's "Bing" magazine), "A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court".

These certainly would not to us devotes be classified as some of our man's rarer features but as Bing's original audience generation were still being fully served, I'm afraid I took all this somewhat for granted. Then in 1982  with the advent of UK's Channel 4, quite a number of Bing's earlier films were also screened on there. Not being a subscriber to Turner Classic Movies, I'm generally unaware of their schedule but it would be nice to think that one day, someone there with a soft spot for Bing would push the boat out a little more. 

I sporadically keep half an eye open on the UK vintage film channel, "Talking Pictures", which can often broadcast films not seen elsewhere -  for any Bing rarities and remain forever hopeful.

I find it such a shame that Bing is but one victim of the forever shifting morays of popular culture. Some friends visiting over the recent UK May Day Bank Holiday were good naturedly teasing me over my pre "pop" musical preferences and my forty year enthusiasm for Mr Crosby. One of them shares with me a passion for classical music and we noted the irony that one can easily enjoy this often centuries old genre without being accused of antiquity and yet most popular music, now pre-dating Elvis or (more so, now) The Beatles, seems so often to be generally viewed as a museum piece. 

… as Sinatra used to say, "I don't care where you go, that's the dullest speech anyone ever made!"

David, no rush for a response (I know how busy you currently are) but just so you are aware, I've replied to your previous Private Message

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