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Great News For You

Howdy Folks,
I've got good news tonight!  
I've now added 7 brand new shows since we last met all of them filled with really fantastic music that you just never hear anymore, there is a Bing Crosby song in almost every episode, of course a Great Gildersleeve episode too (where the plot really thickens now, lots of new developments).   

Now here's the other important news, my Sounds Like Radio podcast has MOVED!    Here's the brand NEW podcast site: 


Everything is still free as it has always been.  I've even moved all my past episodes over to the new site.   Now it's in chronological order, Episodes 1 thru 38, episodes 35 thru 38 are the brand new shows.   I put a lot of thought into the songs I play making sure they are all interesting and entertaining.    For the past couple months I'm now playing 4 great songs for every show.  My old pod site is still around but I won't be adding new shows there anymore.

So, I hope you will tune in and enjoy these shows, I think you may even hear some great songs you may never have heard before.   So enjoy and if you would like I would appreciate hearing any reaction. 

OK, one more time here's the new & improved site:


Thanks Again For Listening and Please Enjoy.

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