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More Bing More the time on 5 Brand New Podcasts ALL FREE ALL THE TIME

Howdy Folks,
Your old wrangler here to announce 5 brand new shows to my podcast.   On these I really included some of my personal favorite songs including the song that turned me into a lifetime fan of Bing in the 1970's.   The details of the shows aren't shown on the podcast site anymore so I'll tell you some of what's in store on the 5 new episodes aside from The Great Gildersleeve, of course: 

Episode 24: Hoagy Carmichael, a personal favorite Helen Ward song & Bing Crosby & Louis Armstrong 

Episode 25: Relax Max says Dinah Washington, also Slim Whitman and Burl Ives sing some great ones 

Episode 26: The song that turned me into a Bing Crosby fan for life back in the 1970's, an all time favorite Bing song!   Also Sophie Tucker (this is from my original album my Dad bought me when I was a little kid, the album is a real favorite and this song of Sophie's is priceless), also Bobby Darin, and  and Peggy Lee's here too in an encore Bing Crosby performance (that's right 2 Bing songs on this one show)! 

Episode 27: Dean Martin & Bing sing money and Jo Stafford sings like a bird here 

Episode 28: Another personal favorite, the other album my Dad bought me when I was a little one, the Ink Spots "new" at the time album with a  great song heard here and Jimmy Durante sings of time, Eddie Arnold's world & Doris Day nights as she wows it again all on this episode. 

All the shows are still there but the background scenery is gone now.    Everything is still free, just click on any of the shows and enjoy.    Here's the pod address for "Your Humble Host's" shows:

If you'll give these new shows a chance, I think you'll like them.

By the way, if you listen I'd sure like to hear from you and how you like the variety of music.
Thanks Again,

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Re: More Bing More the time on 5 Brand New Podcasts ALL FREE ALL THE TIME

2 albums my Dad bought me when I was a little kid, an Ink Spots & a Sophie Tucker album both from about 1963 or 1964 that I've kept all these years are heard in the new Sounds Like Radio shows.   
On episode 26 there's great advice from Sophie Tucker and even a picture of the album cover shown on the Podcast site and on Episode 28 there's a song from the Ink Spots original album along with a picture of the album cover on the podcast site.   Some of my favorite music I've listened to for years and the Bing song that started it all for me heard on Episode 26. 

Hope you enjoy the great music on all the episodes and please let me know what you think about it.  Click here and sit back and enjoy: 

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Re: More Bing More the time on 5 Brand New Podcasts ALL FREE ALL THE TIME

Thanks a lot, Archiefit! Your work is great and always interesting for me. Songs you choose are beautiful, stories are great. Nothing like that is on the radio now!


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Re: More Bing More the time on 5 Brand New Podcasts ALL FREE ALL THE TIME

Thank you so much Tom.  I really appreciate your comments.  Its nice to know the shows are being enjoyed.  The more you listen the more you'll like GIldy and the music for me is the most fun to play.  I hope all are enjoying the shows too and any comments on music is especially appreciated. 

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Re: More Bing More the time on 5 Brand New Podcasts ALL FREE ALL THE TIME

The music is always on my mind as to what to put on the next show.   I wonder as I use the background music if folks recognize it.   To me it's the kind of music you say, I recognize that from somewhere, but you may not be able to remember where.   I'm planning on some more interesting and fun shows for the future. 
Thanks Again Tom for the kind comments and for listening!

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