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Say how about Say One For Me

Well, my every other year Christmas tradition continued this year.  As the day after Christmas (Christmas night is always reserved for WHITE CHRISTMAS) so on Dec. 26 I watched one of my favorite Bing movies, SAY ONE FOR ME.  Not only are a lot of my favorite actors from various of my favorite TV sitcoms in it but Bing as a bonus of all bonuses sings "The Secret of Christmas".   Secret of Christmas next to White Christmas has to be my favorite Bing Christmas song.   Also the opening theme to the movie by Lionel Newman and his orchestra is absolutely the most beautiful orchestrated music I know of.   It almost can bring you to tears it's so beautiful.  I love that opening instrumental.  

Oh, back to the actors, Sebastian Cabot of Family Affair appears, Joe Besser of Three Stooges and the lousy Joey Bishop Show shows up in an unusually dramatic part for him and then there's Bing's buddy Frank McHugh from Going My Way and Bing's own sitcome is also here for this.   Then there's another favorite Ray Walston from one of my favorite sitcoms My Favorite Martian and here he's in color too also in a dramatic part.   Walston was quite a good actor.  

And the whole '50's period of the movie shines all thru this movie, pure wonderful '50's style, the girls wonderful look the color and background music all '50's.   Reminds me of another all pure '50's movie "All That Heaven Allows", what a great '50's movie that is.  Total '50s style. 


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Re: Say how about Say One For Me

I haven't been able to find it anywhere yet, so I haven't watched it. I've heard both good and bad about it so I'm neutral to watching it.

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Re: Say how about Say One For Me

For years it wasn't commercially available but now you can find it on Amazon as a FOX on Demand DVD, so shouldn't be a problem locating it today.   See it here:

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