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Australian bushfires

Australian rep David Currington has been very close to the raging bushfires in Australia.
He had to leave his home twice as the fires were about 100 metres from his dwelling.
Thankfully he and property is safe.
There are about 80 fires in New South Wales, up and down the coast, and about the same number in Queensland with a good number of homes being destroyed. Deaths total 4.


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Re: Australian bushfires

Glad to read David and his home are ok.


16/11/2019 3:59 am  #3

Re: Australian bushfires

I spoke with David yesterday and he's OK but there's still a possibility of bushfires near his home as the weather conditions may deteriorate. The information which is available during the fires is good and one can be well prepared, as David was last week.


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Re: Australian bushfires

How are you in Bathurst, Graham?
Hope to see you on my visit- hope to leave USA 2/12 for 4/12 arrival.

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Re: Australian bushfires

Belatedly, we're OK but the atmosphere is smokey and we hope that when we leave for Sydney tomorrow we won't be troubled as we drive through the Blue Mountains as there were bad fires there a month ago.


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