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Japanese Pressing of Some Fine Old Chestnuts

I was going through my Bing CDs recently and came across one I forgot I bought many years ago.  It's the Japanese pressing of the Decca/MCA CD "Some Fine Old Chestnuts".   In subsequent years I bought another version of this album as a 2 Fer CD, so I don't need this Japanese Pressing CD anymore.   If anyone would like to buy it it's only $20, and, I might add, it's in PERFECT condition.   I would like to sell this to anyone in the U.S. as postage costs to send this overseas is too much.  It's a great CD and if I didn't have another one I wouldn't sell it.  After all this time I've had this message up never noticed I said "would sell it" I meant if I didn't have another one I "WOULDN'T SELL IT".  Now maybe  they'll be a flood of customers.  Right?   Hmm.
It looks exactly like this:

Let me know if anyone's interested.
Thank you

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