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A Re-Discovery Now Back In Business

While I've downloaded loads of Bing onto me computer from CDs some of them however I never chose to include.  So recently I decided to listen to these now "unheard" CDs in the car.  Generally, if they're not on my computer I don't really hear them anymore. 

So first up I chose to re-listen to a CD set I don't think I've heard since it first came out, The Complete United Artists Sessions.  In fact other than some cuts from Bing's live London concert and the album with Nevertheless on it (don't remember the title right now) I don't have any '70's Bing on the computer.  Not a big fan of old Bing '70's recordings BUT I must say I was very pleasantly surprised with a few of the songs on the U.A. CD set.   So I did download these really great songs, and all of them are from the album Come Share The Wine, an album I got many many years ago ,and I love the original album cover:

The songs I really like and now have on the computer to pop up "randomly" are:
Come Share The Wine
Beautiful Memories
Have A Nice Day 
At My Time of Life
I really enjoyed listening to these songs and found my self singing along with "Have A Nice Day", it's almost impossible not to sing along with this one.  & I haven't heard it in at least a decade or more!   You folks like my choices for the computer's playlist?  I was glad to be so pleasantly surprised by old Bing and his really fine voice.  Some of the song choices I'm still not thrilled with, but when he picked the right song, it was magical perfection.

Now, I think I remember back when I bought the original album, that this release was not actually meant to be released but was put together from recordings Bing made that they chose not to use.   But after Bing died they assembled this album from those recordings.  I don't know if I'm right about that or not, I also think this was an album not originally released in the U.S.   I bought it in the U.S. though from a used record store.  We do get "imports" so anyway, this was my original thoughts about the album when I first bought it.   I still really love that cover, I wish the U.A. CD set had used this as their cover too.

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