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Bilko's Boys

I've been watching Sgt. Bilko show every Friday from the DVD set, now in the last season and today I saw for the first time an episode with all of Bing's sons (1st family).   They were all very good, in the show the boys imagine themselves to be Bilko's sons, all of them did a funny imitation of Bilko's mannerisms, surprisingly Dennis did the best Sgt. Bilko imitation.  Then Bilko imagines himself as Bing Crosby and had a scene with each of the Crosby boys and was very funny as Phil did a funny imitation of Bing.   Great entertaining show, every episode is just that, by the way.  Extremely entertaining and very very funny program.  "Nice to see yaa."


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Re: Bilko's Boys

Bing's first appearance on Australian television was 3 June 1959 in an episode of the Phil Silvers Show (USA 22 January 1957). I was unable to see it unfortunately.


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Re: Bilko's Boys

I always loved the Sgt.Bilko series, having watched it weekly with my family as a kid. Silvers was obviously quite a Bing fan--maybe he worked with Bing in vaudeville? I have a collection of Bilko shows, and in season 2 there's a show titled: "Bilko Presents Bing Crosby", later there's an episode with Lindsey Crosby as a new recruit in Bilko's platoon. I have never seen the episode with all four sons doing Bing impressions, but I would love to be able to see it.
I remember fondly how much I enjoyed Gary's appearance on Bing's TV sit-com in the '60's--not because I'm so fond of Gary, but I loved his "take-off" on Bing in that episode. Of course he exaggerated all of Bing's speech patterns and mannerisms, but he did the parody so well, I could watch it again and again.
On a related topic, I believe Gary was the son that was the most like Bing--even in appearance--and I believe he saw that in himself and it only amplified his resentment toward Bing. Sad.


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