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BING TV Special On TV

To the U.S. folks and anyone who can get GET TV, they are once again showing that  Bing Crosby TV special that they seem to show every few months.  Its the one with the Supremes, Bob Hope & Feliciano from 1968.   If you haven't seen it yet here's another chance.  I don't know why GET only shows this one normal Bing TV special (they have shown the Goulet & Bing and Sinatra & Bing Christmas specials at Christmas time once again several times over.)  I wish they'd show other Bing Christmas specials too.  How about starting with the Hollywood Palaces?


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Re: BING TV Special On TV

Just watched on WAVE channel 24 INSP, Bing's Christmas show with Robert Goulet and Mary Costa and of course the family. Bing mentions Berlin writing WC about 25 years ago - so show from 1966/67.  The programme info said 2000.
Next week - Perry Como.


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Re: BING TV Special On TV

Yes, I noticed a couple weeks ago INSP channel seems to be almost mirroring some of the very same specials GET TV has played or is still playing.   That Bing Goulet Christmas has been played many times, not to mention it's one of the extreme few Bing Christmas shows WIDELY available on DVD currently.  So it's hardly a find of the decade when either GET or INSP plays it, now if they were to play the Hollywood Palace Christmas special with Bing & Kate Smith, then you can ring out the bells and wake the neighborhood, that would be an event. 
By the way, does someone out there want to tell Ron the real broadcast year of the Bing/Goulet special, I thought this was memorized by now.   If you really haven't heard you can buy the ONLY Bing Christmas DVD release that contains several different Bing Christmas shows on Amazon or even the Bing website, I hate to promote them though, you know the ones that still refuses to announce in advance what in the heck they are going to be playing that day or that week.   The Bing radio internet place is now all totally catch a good show if you're lucky and then only hear 1/2 of it cause you never knew to tune in in the first place.  
And by the way, just how many decades have to go by before you (the Bing Enterprises) release Vol. 3 of the Bing TV specials???   Any answers to that yet?   I don't heeeeeaaarrrr youuuuuuu.

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