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Another Bing Board Alum has come home

Hi Ho Bing Folk Everywhere!  
I'm baaaack.  No not the poltergeist, it's just little me Lee from the old Steven Lewis Bing Board.  So many good things have happened since we last talked.  All of the new Bing CD releases of many of the Bing albums from the '50's and '60's that we used to talk about have been re-released.  I still am waiting for a new release of Holiday In Europe, but I love that a new and IMPROVED Return To Paradise Islands has been released now where you can actually clearly hear Bing sing and is no longer buried in the orchestra.  Looks like our old Board Buddy Arne Fogel is now a big shot and doing a really nice Bing radio show that everyone can hear on the net. 

While I still continue to this day to listen to a couple of Bing radio shows every week from CDs it's nice to be able to turn on Bing Radio anytime you feel like it and hear Bing singing away at all times of the day or night.  This guy never gets tired, shows 24 hours a day!  I have only one wish and that would be for Bing Radio to announce their schedule of shows to be played in advance.  Even if it's only a daily schedule listed showing what shows are coming on and what time they'll be on it would be better than no advance announcement at all.  The most frustrating thing about Bing radio is you never know what's coming so you don't know when to tune in to hear what you want to hear and what happens is I usually will tune in and hear the end of some show that I really would have liked to have heard the whole thing.  But without a schedule listing you miss 1/2 of what you'd like to tune in for.  They really need to show their program schedule, otherwise it's a perfect way to hear Bing.  But I love that a Bing Radio even exists.  Wouldn't we all have loved this years ago.

I have been following this board too for years and just now decided it was long past time I joined the party.  A lot of familiar faces here and some I don't know but always good Bing talk and good Bing Info.  I hope to contribute to that talk and info. in the future.  It feels good to be back amongst Bingers everywhere. http://cdn.boardhost.com/emoticons/cute.png


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Re: Another Bing Board Alum has come home


Welcome. I remember you as one of the more prolific reviewers of Bing Crosby films when we did that monthly back on the Steven Lewis' Bing Crosby Internet Museum, among other postings. I really miss those monthly film reviews. It forced you to take out something you might not watch for a long time and remember how much you enjoyed those films. Then you would get a healthy and diverse analysis of the films good and bad points. But everyone always liked Bing's contribution, especially the singing. Back then I had to track down copies of the lesser available films so as  not to miss the monthly exercise. I've got them all now, so if we ever resurrect that practice, I'm ready to go.

Jim Kukura


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Re: Another Bing Board Alum has come home

Thanks Jim, it's good to hear from you again and good to see your name again.  Yes, I remember those Golden days well.  I remember trying to come up with an appropriate Bing movie every month for everyone to watch.  You're right, right now I really don't watch any more than about 4 Bing movies a year, and that includes the 2 to 3 Christmas movies, which I shouldn't even count, since they're annual must see's.   So maybe we need to start up our Bing Movie of the Month club again.  Maybe we should do a sort of a poll now to see how many here would like to participate in a Bing movie of the month thing.  It'd be great to go back to watching Bing movies again, it's been far too long since I've seen many of them.  If you or anyone else would like to be in charge of coming up with the movies, I'll be happy to go along.   So if you like the idea let's hear from the rest of you who would like to participate. 

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Re: Another Bing Board Alum has come home

I missed you Lee. How do we know it's really you? LOL - welcome!

You will liven up the conversation here for sure!


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Re: Another Bing Board Alum has come home

Hi David,
Good to see old pals here.  You know it's me our last message board, the free thinking uncensored board was censored off of Google.  But I've always checked in here to read others ever since the end of Steven's board.  So I joined in with the others here.  I am going to be a "kinder gentler" Lee here though.   The old days of arguing with anyone that disagreed with me are over, now I let it go and don't bother.  Guess that's what getting old does to you.  I've gone from a young man in my 20's to an old man pushing 60 now all the while enjoying being a fan of Bing.   Years and years ago you had to search (before internet) for sources to buy tapes from and find specialty dealers like Mr. Nostalgia and Chick Wilson to buy Bing stuff from.  Now it's almost effortless to find anything Bing you want.  It's too bad really, it takes the fun and the challenge out of searching far and wide for something. 

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Re: Another Bing Board Alum has come home

Lee, Glad you are back even though by the end of Dec. I plan on leaving the computer world. So I can enjoy your postings for a month anyway. Lee, you were always a gentleman in my book. I look forward to your postings.

Peace and Love! http://cdn.boardhost.com/emoticons/happy.gif

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Re: Another Bing Board Alum has come home

Archiefit wrote:

 - - -   Years and years ago you had to search (before internet) for sources to buy tapes from and find specialty dealers like Mr. Nostalgia and Chick Wilson to buy Bing stuff from.  Now it's almost effortless to find anything Bing you want.  It's too bad really, it takes the fun and the challenge out of searching far and wide for something. 

Ah, those were the days! Searching through the racks of your favourite record dealer and finding new surprises, or even better finding a new dealer stocking a whole range of stuff you never even realized existed. In your imagination you were in the shoes of the great explorers finding a new river/mountain/ whatever. Looking through lists and eagerly ticking off wants and lining through things you already had. Bygone days!

Lee, "pushing 60" is old? Really? That would make me positively ancient but I assert that no one is elderly who is not at least 5 years older that me and that rules you out! I've been collecting records for longer than that and have life enough to continue to do so for awhile yet.



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Re: Another Bing Board Alum has come home

I agree with Lee and Richard. I miss the days of not having everything by Bing! Everything is nearly at my fingertips now. I have resorted to buying 78rpms again just to be able to go into shops and have something to search for.

Anyone want to start collecting Dick Todd recordings? LOL


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Re: Another Bing Board Alum has come home

Back in the '70's and '80's I stand for hours and hours going thru record bin after record bin letting my fingers do the walking through the lineup of albums.  All hoping to find a gem amongst the rabble.  Now I don't think I could stand that long anymore.  Literally hours and hours I'd spend.  Going to record conventions where record dealers would gather in big auditoriums and you go around the room looking for records you wanted for years.  Same with comic books, used to collect those in the same manner as records with used comic stores and comic conventions.  

Carmela I hope you'll change your mind and stick with the internet longer, even if it's just to use public wi-fi that's now in so many stores and restaurants, then you could use this method for just strictly going to this Bing board and continue to post.  I wouldn't use public wi-fi to buy anything but for coming here I should think it would be safe.  I feel like Shirley Booth, Come Back Little Carmela!

As for age, I guess it's all how you feel about it.  I always used to remember the saying, if you want to feel young go visit people a lot older than you.   Whenever I'd visit my grandmother in her old folk's apartment building I always felt like a kid. 

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Re: Another Bing Board Alum has come home

Well, guys, I have found that even though I have been able to get all of Bing's films and commercial recordings (except for one that dear Malcolm has provided me a computer file of) there is so much more out there. There are a lot of radio transcriptions, and I am now into sheet music and 45 rpm's if I can get them at the right price. But I am convinced that I will never be able to collect them all. I just recently discovered, and purchased Harry Owens autobiography, "Sweet Leilani", which I will report on in another post. Of course I learned more about Bing by reading that book. But I also learned what a fascinating man Harry Owens was and learned new insights into Hawaiian history and culture. I don't what else is out there that I do not know about yet, but I will keep looking and I am sure I will continue to find other snippets of Bing's life in treasures now not known.

And don't forget, in 2017 we well get to buy Gary Giddins latest book, "Bing Crosby, the War Years". And sometime after that, if we live long enough, the rest of Bing's life as researched by Giddins.

It never stops! There is always something new to discover,

Jim Kukura


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Re: Another Bing Board Alum has come home

There are still some very popular Bing films that have yet to get a commercial release.  High on this list of most wanteds is "Top O' The Morning".   I'd love to see this movie colorized and released commercially.  How many more decades can we wait?  I'm still using the recording from the old commercial free AMC's once in a lifetime broadcast of this movie from 20 or more years ago. 

As for still more Bing to collect, how about the late '50's Bing 15 min. broadcasts that will pop up unexpectedly once in a while on official Bing Radio.  I don't even know for sure what these are, I don't believe they are the Ford shows from '57 I think they may be shows from 1956, but who knows.  All I know is I never heard them before.  Never know when they're going to be on but I'll hear the tail end of some sometime when I'm lucky.  But here are a bunch of radio shows I've never heard and would love to be able to.  I'd be happy to buy them if the Bing People were to sell them all on MP3.  I don't care who sells it I just want them.  These are Bing things still out there that need to be had.

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