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Wig Wiggins

Wig has recently been involved in an accident and has a fractured left leg at the ankle in two places. He will need surgery when the swelling subsides and he will have to go into a rehab facility for a while. Michael Crampton is in Washington at present and he and Judy have been to visit Wig. I have had a nice chat with him today too and he is reasonably good spirits. However it will be some time before he will be able to return to his Crosby role.
We badly need someone in the USA or Canada to deputize for Wig until he returns and we are seeking volunteers.
The procedure with the magazine is that the copies for the USA and Canada are dispatched by our printer in the UK to Wig. Michael sends Wig printed address labels for each member and Wig affixes these to an envelope, inserts the magazine and a covering note and then takes all the envelopes to the Post Office. Wig then receives the membership dues and when all are collected he sends the money to club treasurer Michael.
Obviously there are other matters Wig handles such as liaising with members and distributing Club CDs but for now we need someone to distribute the winter issue of the magazine which should be available at the end of November. Wig should still be able to receive the membership dues so it is just a matter of sending the magazines out at the moment.
If you can help, please contact me as soon as possible.
Malcolm Macfarlane
Editor – BING magazine


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Re: Wig Wiggins

I am sure that everyone will wish Wig well. He has done much for the Crosby community and been responsible for a number of notable records stretching back to the days of LP. All ICC members in North America have regular contact with him and he devotes much time to the furtherance of the cause.. 


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