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Hello from Pittsburgh

Hello all!
My name is Vince. My family and I live in the greater Pittsburgh area. I've had a growing interest in Bing's music over the past decade or so. I've already enjoyed reading old posts and topics, and I look forward to interacting with you. 
I'm a married father of three children and the pastor of a Reformed Presbyterian church. 



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Re: Hello from Pittsburgh

Hi Vince! Small world! I am from Pittsburgh. We live in the suburbs now. 

My grandfather got me into the music of Bing, and if you ever never help with your collection let me know!



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Re: Hello from Pittsburgh

As an Aussie I have visited Pittsburgh a few times because of a sort of relative - 3 or 4 times removed.
They lived in Caropolis. He is 96-97 and has a touch of Al and is now with his daughter in Racine, Wis.
I first visited Pittsburgh in 1958 and the last time about 5 years or so ago. How the city and surrounds have changed over the years.
Welcome aboard, Vince.


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Re: Hello from Pittsburgh

Welcome Vince! I'm not only a Bing Fan but a Pittsburgh Steelers Fan since the 70's even though I am from NY.

Peace and Love! http://cdn.boardhost.com/emoticons/happy.gif

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Re: Hello from Pittsburgh

Hi Vince! I'm new around here, too. I'm already learning a lot and have much more to find out about Bing--I do love him so. 


31/3/2016 10:41 pm  #6

Re: Hello from Pittsburgh

Welcome, Vince! If you like the music of Bing Crosby, this is really the place to be, because there are many people who post here who are extremely knowledgeable about him, his work, and his life. You will learn something new about Bing every day!

Though I live in Tennessee, my wife and I have relatives who live in Pittsburgh, and we get to visit with them once in a while. The last time was two years ago, but now they have a newborn baby, so I guess we'll have to go to Pittsburgh sometime soon. Because of these relatives (and also because of Bing) I follow the Pittsburgh Pirates, although I am actually a Boston Red Sox fan.


01/4/2016 4:23 am  #7

Re: Hello from Pittsburgh

G'day Vince. Like Ron Field, I'm an Aussie and live in Bathurst a city of about 35000 people 130 miles west of Sydney. I've visited the USA several times between 1956 and 2002 but none of my travels took me to Pittsburgh.


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