Others of Note » Chick Bullock. » 18/9/2023 2:13 am

Chick Bullock was one of many of Bing's s contemporaries. A very good vocalist. He also produced a lot of recordings, always hoping to achieve at least some of the success that Bing was producing in the early 1930s.. This 'I'm Playing With Fire" is very good. It has previously escaped me. I would highly recommend finding Chick's early 30's versions of 'Stardust' & "There's A Cabin In The PINES-not Sky! Thank you/

Others of Note » Did Bing know about Columbo and the cursed ring? » 22/8/2023 5:15 am

Blonde/ JUST REMEMBER THIS is about popular music produced primarily between 1900-50 Plus. Your local library could most likely get it for you for free, or you can purchase it easily on the net. I cover a lot, mostly old 78s, and since Bing himself did so much to define that era, you have my critical review about Bing's legacy, especially in recordings, radio & films. /Otherwise, I suggest that you find Columbo's version of PARADISE, & compare it to Bing's version. /Thank you/ Colin

Others of Note » Did Bing know about Columbo and the cursed ring? » 19/8/2023 5:51 am

My interest in Pola Negri ,noted in my book 'Just Remember This', was tied to the song PARADISE. It was obvious that Pola's  sultry 1932 filmed version ,in "A Woman's Command", did command attention. Her relationship with Russ Columbo more than likely led Russ to officially record the song. Around the same time, Bing also recorded it. More so, it's an interesting comparison ,as both  recorded versions sound so much the same! A fine battle of the crooners/This RING story.in my research ,is also interesting. For sure Popa lived to (about 90), passing away in 1987.According to an excellent book, " You Call It Madness", by Lenny Kaye, Pola DID get an 'opal ring', as a gift from  Rudolph Valentino (many years earlier, before he passed away), & gifted it to Russ Columbo. She obviously did not pass away for over another 50 years, although ANOTHER woman,, actress Dorothy Dell involved with Russ, did.(Dorothy, due to an accident, passed away in July,1934,Russ,due to an accident, a few months later).While in 1934, before his death,Russ was involved with yet another actress,Carole Lombard. Around this time,Carole was also a co-star with Bing, in WE'RE NOT DRESSING). Carole would outlive Russ until 1942, due to an air crash, while selling war bonds.By that time Carole had become married to Clark Gable./According to Kaye, that 'opal ring', became part of the estate, of the young crooner who was only 26.(Bing was at his funeral). /Where is that ring now? It does have a story. I would be interested in any more info./Thank you/

Others of Note » song in Possessed 1931 film... » 20/6/2023 5:26 am

A fine (pre-code) film 1931 drama POSSESSED , full of soap, found Joan Crawford & Clark Gable leading the acting credits. It also looks like Joan Crawford does a good job on a very sad ditty HOW LONG WILL IT LASTI can't find a contemporary recording, as by Joan, nor can it be confirmed that Bing even did see the flick. He did more ever did produce a fine early 1932 crooning job, as released on (Brunswick-6259). (This 1931 film should not be confused with a later 1947 Joan Crawford film, of the same name)

Biography » Gary Giddins biography audiobook » 07/6/2023 5:28 am

Gary Giddins was already an established 'jazz' writer, before getting deeply into Bing. His fresh and crisp writing, in 2 books (so far) about Bing ,are very well researched, and easy to follow. I look forward to his 3rd volume. I do have however, ONE issue./ In his first volume A POCKET FULL OF DREAMS, on page 183, he notes that Rhythm Boy (Bing) was NOT in the studio (Sept.19,1928) to be part of the  vocals in Paul Whiteman recording CHRISTMAS MELODIES.(Giddins reports the Rhythm Boys were in Toledo). Before this time, ALL previous discographers ,including the likes of ( Edward J. Mello & Tom McBride) report the Rhythm Boys vocals ON the recording. Some specifically claim his vocal on NOEL. Had the recording been done in the morning, before leaving New York City? Or the date cancelled? Or the recording date itself wrong? It should also be noted that since Giddins, others ,like (DAHR),still claim the Rhythm Boys on this 1928 recording. My own ears cannot be sure-although ,even without Bing, it's still an excellent recording. With Bing, it's a bit more.

Recording » Echo on United Artists recordings » 04/6/2023 5:53 am

This later stuff produced by people like Geoff Milne, Ken Barnes & Pete Moore found them good at mixing tracks & enhanced vocals, noting orchestrations in 'stereo'. Some of it good, some not. So at least the aging Bing was at least found some good product, they are not sloppy jobs, (as much other previous other Crosby stuff, especially on LP. Total embarrassments with Simon Rady's "Gang 101" & "EL Senor Bing". Bing also seems interested, which always helped him. My own ears, however, have problems with all this electronic mess. After 1960, the only FULL albums that find vocal & production value, without mistakes are "I Wish You A Merry Christmas ",(Warner Brothers), the Christmas (Daybreak) recordings, & some of the orchestration backings of the 2 Longines recordings LPs.  FULL albums with other artists-"Robin & The 7 Hoods LP" & "12 Songs Of Christmas LP", are also excellent.

Recording » 1946's Blue Skies » 26/4/2023 4:34 am

I agree. Bing's 1946 Decca recording revival of the 1920s classic, more so re-defined it with (his) own style. While intending to promote his contemporary film of the same name, it's this Decca recording that lingers. 

Recording » Underrated Bing Crosby » 18/4/2023 5:14 am

The tech skill's of Pete Moore's musical backup for Bing's 'SEASONS" album at least found a good voice for a man in his 70s.The album is pleasant listening. A comparison with Bing's 1934 recording of JUNE IN JANUARY ,is stretching things a bit, however, More modern ears can identify Georgie Stoll's 1934 orchestra dated, (but still great),&  Bing's vocal DEFINED the song. His voice ,of a man in his 30s,was at it's peak, at this time. You can underrate  Crosby in 1934,I guess, but I cannot./

Recording » Underrated Bing Crosby » 12/4/2023 6:15 am

I will TRY ONE-The timeline of Bing Crosby's decades of recordings find tech standards clashing from the 1920s to the 1970s. lot of recording fodder, rated good or not, is easily forgotten. As rated by critics, in his time, the SONG that was MOST noted was STAR DUST, A lot of recordings were made of it, by a lot of people. I think even Gary Giddins favors a version by Nat King Cole, Bing himself recorded it twice, in 1931 & 1939.For my ears, Bing's1939 version is at least ok. Pleasant enough, yet for the song, Bing had already defined it in 1931.Like so many other standards of the day, Bing's superb vocal is largely buried or ignored. So, in ranking A well-known song, then an artist, the song belongs to Bing. /

Discussion Board Use and Registration Isssues » E Mail Addresses » 12/4/2023 4:52 am

Richard / The only reason that I sent you an e-mail was because I was not able to get into this site. As of now, the problem has been corrected. /Thank you/ 

Others of Note » Harlan Lattimore, and Bing’s early ‘30s crooning contemporaries. » 02/2/2023 5:40 am

Harlan Lattimore! Yes, a fine black crooner, who was a band singer with the Afro-American Don Redman Orchestra, a fixture in 'Connies Inn', a popular 1930s Harlem night spot, rivaling another gangster led entity, the 'Cotton Club'. Harlan also produced a group of solo performances, away from Redman. Including the white led bands of Ed Lloyd, Víctor Young, Owen Fallon. Hé sounds just like Bing, or perhaps Bing sounds just like him? Of the 25 titles I have of his, perhaps his versions of "With Summer Coming On" & "Some Day Wel''ll Meet Again " clinch it? /A few more Harlan notes: /1. Don Redman was no stranger to Bing (on "Lawd You Made the Night Too Long"). Was Bing Aware of Harlan? /2. Harlan Lattimore did record after 1936.I have a post war recording "I Love You, I Do ", with the Henry Glover Orchestra, that I had originally thought to have been recorded before 1950.I have since found out that the (King-4359) ditty was recorded in 1950.

General Discussion » Rolling Stone 200 Best Singers of All Time » 11/1/2023 11:42 pm

The editors of Rolling Stone have a perfect right to ape out their own musical tastes & favorites. As a music collector & author myself, it's very hard NOT to ignore may nameless vocalists & entertainers since 1900.There were so many who did not make it. for many reasons. What is NOT very hard, is noting the huge commercial success that Bing Crosby enjoyed, over ALL his competition as a vocalist. There exists a trail of musical creativity, involving style, as Bing's vocals themselves, defined POPULAR MUSIC. For many, Bing WAS POPULAR MUSIC. There are huge vocal differences in recordings made in different decades that Bing produced. Perhaps the editors of Rolling Stone should have tried to find out just why these recordings were so popular? They still can.

Recording » 1931 Records » 04/1/2023 7:12 am

It should be also noted that in the 1931 (US), records were not permitted to be broadcast on commercial radio. Recording artists did all they could to promote recordings over live radio broadcasts, live personal appearances on radio or, if lucky enough, in film. There was also a lot less people purchasing records, as the great depression, hit the country & world very hard. Many found an investment in a radio, indeed a better, if any, investment for entertainment. While some other contemporaries of Bing did manage to hang on, there were NO other (1931) COMMERCIAL entertainers that even came close to Bing Crosby's combined SOLO success in recordings, radio & film. /I would also venture, without the depression, most of those great VICTOR & Brunswick masters would have been million sellers! I more so suspect & speculate that SOME of those original VICTOR & Brunswick master, counting the small original sales & linking them to re-issues, since (1931), did sell over a million.1931 recorded titles include "Wrap Your Troubles in Dreams". "Just One More Chance", Star Dust" & especially "Where The Blue Of The Night".

Recording » Project Records Recordings » 07/12/2022 2:09 am

Ethel Waters NEEDS a foot note HERE. Every ear is different. I will conform however, that Bing himself, in his CALL ME LUCKY, noting Ethel at the COTTON CLUB, (Pg.63). Along with Duke Ellington, THIS timeline matches Ethel's introduction of STORMY WEATHER Also note that Water's 1933 recording was backed up by the Dorsey Brothers-Bing's good friends by that time.   More importantly (pg.299), he notes a lasting influence upon him earlier in 1928.At that time the still young musician became very much interested in an Ethel Waters performance in Chicago. Bing, like many others of the jazz age, was very much taken by her music & performances 

Recording » Project Records Recordings » 18/11/2022 4:14 am

Harold Arlen's own recording pre-ceded the ETHEL WATERS (1933 Cotton Club) BRUNSWICK recording of STORMY WEATHER. It was Ethel's own classic recording, noted by her own stage triumph that forever clinched it. Around the same time, Ivie Anderson (Ethel's own Cottn Club understudy), recorded a fab film short of the song. Years later in 1941, Lena Horne , produced a great recording on Victor. Later, in 1943 , Lena's filmed production defined it as something special. Frank Sinatra also a fan of Ethel, also recorded STORMY WEATHER. Taste's may vary, yet it's still ETHEL WATERS original 1933 recording that is still hard to beat! Too bad Bing did not record it then-or if he did it on radio in 1933, I have yet to find it! (Also note that ETHEL WATERS was a huge influence on popular music in the 1920s & 30s.More so, among her many followers, was Bing himself/

Recording » Bing & Satchmo (1960 album) » 07/10/2022 4:59 am

The BING And SATCHMO LP,released in 1960,found me reviewing it again,with the more recent posts about the previous 1956  HIGH SOCIETY soundtrack LP.When compared to the fab NOW YOU HAS JAZZ recording with Bing & Louis Armstrong,it's easy to note that the sheer excitement of the soundtrack  recording is missing.The expectations ,for the  full  1960 album,were huge.What results is a controlled recorded effort by Bing,as if it was a radio show- a dull one.Both of these great artists seemingly showed up for a job,with no sparks flying./ The comparision with the Bing And Rosemary Clooney FANCY  MEETING YOU HERE,finds both recording artists prepared,as both Bing & Rosemary interested in every track.While Rosemary does take to the singing honors a bit better,Bing's interchanges with her found him up to the challange.An excellent album!No so with Louis..

Recording » Bing's Final Album "Seasons" (1977) » 06/10/2022 5:24 am

Ian /I can't agree.This (later) Crosby vocal,while ok,had lost it's punch.On (especially) YESTERDAY WHEN I WAS YOUNG,noting stereo & a well done arraingement,Bing at least appreciated great material & did it well enough.Some years ago,my (late) friend Pete Cakanic (who used to contribute to BINGANG) ,noted THIS song as ONE of Bing's best.So your ears are at least in good company!For me, Charles Aznavor had defined it./ Another thing about Pete-When he challaged me about Bing's original song  I WISH I WAS ALLADIN,I dug it up an my car's (home made ) cassette player,& startled him! He seemed to indicate it was his favorite song! IFor my ears, it's Bing at his very best! Pete got this one right!Tastes vary,yet the real time between these song titles indicates a huge vocal change.I wish the Alladin vocal for Yesterday-not possible,but that's ok.

Others of Note » Crosby noted in film (1945)... » 14/9/2022 5:04 am

A recent TCM film  A WALK IN THE SUN,filmed in 1945,released in 1946 was a  serious WWII war drama  ,starring Dana Andrews In it actor Huntz Hall & (an actor I cannot identify) found a interesting,if short , conversation about ( then  contemporay music & records).The conversation noted the ANDREWS SISTERS,BING & ( RUSS COLUMBO-who had passed away some 11 years earlier).

Recording » New Trick's "Georgia On My Mind" » 05/9/2022 5:01 am

Georgia On My Mind?Hoagy Carmichael's (1930) vocal is just ok.Yet Louis Armstrong's contempary version was-it's a winner!Whatever Louis's vocal was-that's something else.Ray Charles's (1960s) revival was sung well,as well as a best seller.Bing's versions,sorry-I cannot agree that he did it at  right time.He should have recorded it in the early 1930s.Ella? Yeah,she's good,but that's ok,as it is better than Bing's .You can like Bing,but he should not have even attempted it.However,for my ears,Georgia On My Mind BELONGS to ETHEL WATERS,Her (1938) Bluebird recording of the Carmichael written song is melodious & sweet,in her masterful vocal.

Recording » 1932's "Lawd, You Made The Night Too Long" » 22/7/2022 5:38 am

'Lawd,You Made The Night Too Long'-found Bing (then) very much interested in producing music.The energenic Boswell Sisters made it even more interesting!It is not known if Bing & the Boswell's (then) knew about Louis Armstrong's excellent  version recorded about a month earlier (March 13th) ? In any case ,this moody vocal sharing of Crosby  &the Boswell Sisters IS serious stuff!,A "Cry' or" Heartbreak Hotel' type of 'pop' in it's (1932) day? They should have  made more of this !A forgotten gem for sure/

Others of Note » Margaret Whiting - True Love » 05/7/2022 5:37 am

I was not aware of Margaret Whiting's contemporary 1956 version of TRUE LOVE.Like most of her records, she's a pro,an already OLD pro.In 1957,Elvis Presley also recorded this fine (Cole Porter) penned song.It's also done well,as well putting his own (then new) vocal style.Perhaps adding a slight bit of drama in a still mello mood? This would turn out to be the only Cole Porter tune that Presley would ever record,& speculation had it that Porter himself did not like him.Elvis was (then) a young upstart anyway.It's also kind of sad .Yet Porter already HAD already made it years before,and getting older,as it's problems.It's not hard to figure that Bing & Frank Sinatra HAD defined MOST of Cole's songs.You CAN consider the 'Hight Society' LP the last of Porter's GREAT soundtracks-& Bing (with Grace Kelly) on TRUE LOVE,the HIT,the original model for later versions,including Elvis's re-working.

Others of Note » The HOUSE THAT JACK BUILT » 12/6/2022 4:57 am

The mid-1930s found Bing ,with Jimmy Dorsey perhaps in a parody of the old nursery rhyme 'THE HOUSE THAT JACK BUILT.The fine piece of  mid-tempo jazz ,also found Bing interested.A fab vocal!Was he refering to his mentor Jack Kapp?Speculation has it's limits? I ran across an old book by hollywood stuntman,Buster Wiles "My Days With Errol Flynn".While his only reference to Bing was his friendship with Wilma Wyatt (before) she was Dixie Lee,there is also  a reference to a PLACE called THE HOUSE THAT JACK BUILT..He does NOT name Bing nor  give a year, but this bar, near the Santa Anita Racetrack,did exist in the 1930s-1940s.Considering Bing's interests in racetracks, & in a bar  'watering-holes near them,it's good speculation that Bing could have paid a visit?Or a reason to record this  song title ?

Others of Note » Crosby imitation in film... » 28/5/2022 5:23 am

Something kind of interesting-A recent showing of the  ( pre-code) 1932 film on TV  "Bird Of Paradise',found the beutiful Dolores del Rio truly dominating the film,A VERY  short, but interesting rendering  of Bings  ' Where The Blue Of The Night;, from an actor I have identiied as Bert Roach ( although it could be Skeets Gallagher-who actually appeared in a real  Crosby film) .A bit later in the film, Joel McCrea hums short  a bit of "Where The Blue Of The Night" as well.It's no great thing, but adds to the fun of the movie,when Dolores is not seen! It is also a good look  of just how popular Bing was  with his (then) 1932  contemporaries .

Radio » What is your favorite Bing Crosby radio show? » 03/4/2022 5:16 am

Ian / Since you have the book,I list (page 331-32) Crosby RADIO titles, moslly from (1931-35).As written before the internet, many of these were found from various sources,& sometimes not in great shape.I also included radio commercials,or those I identified as such.After the book was published,like many other things, I discovered,to my delight, ( on the net  & on CDs )MORE pre-1935 Crosby radio programs, as well as some very well done programs after 1935.Yes- some very good stuff after 1935, although my ears still favour the earlier shows.There is so much MORE now out there! It is a lot easier NOW, to find vintage Bing on radio!/Some would include " 1932 :/Love Me Tonight/Say It isn't So / Some Of These Days / 1933 : The Day You Came Along / Beutiful Girl / 1934:For All We Know/I'm In Love/Just A Wearing For You/P.S.I Love You/The Moon Is Yellow/I'm Getting Sentimental Over You/Out In The Cold Again/If I Had A Million Dollars/ A New Moon Is Over My Shoulder/ I think I will stop here, as there is so MUCH more NOW out there- including some COMPLETE Woodbury shows.,& some excellent (early) Karft stuff.I must admit I now like a lot more, as I have NOW heard more./Hope you like them,as much as I have-when found & heard/

Film » Who is your favorite leading lady that Bing starred with in the 1930s? » 24/3/2022 5:26 am

MORE/ women in 1930s films/ Somehow, this question interests me.I like these films & these female leads.In addition to my previous post - these 3 performers could be noted- Even the young  Ida Lupino was good./ Screen stealing Martha Raye in (3) , always good,but not leading.The fine Shirley Ross was in (2).These performers (including the ones you noted ) were ALL great at what they did.I think Bing knew it, and respected more than good contributions for HIS films.Perhaps he got more pickier , with age after 1940-MORE control.The aging Bing also began to SHARE  a bit more,with top or equal status film 'stars'-something that happened after 1939../ 

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