Artistic Legacy » Bing and country music » Yesterday 4:43 am

Each week I listen to Greg Van Beek's podcast Nostalgia Radio Time. He always includes a Crosby recording. His 23 April program featured an interview with Michael Feinstein about his new album Gershwin Country in which he sings duets with contemporary country artists. Although I'm not a country music fan, it was fascinating and Bing's role in popularising country music was, of course, referred to.

Others of Note » Hal Kemp - Love In Bloom » Yesterday 4:36 am

'Love in Bloom' is a beaut song but the Kemp/Ennis version doesn't do it justice compared with Bing's version which was sung with feeling. I don't believe i've heard other recordings by Ennis and i know nothing of his career.

Fan Interests » Merchant Service Pipes » Yesterday 4:30 am

A lady Bing fan, now deceased, who lived about an hour's drive west of me in rural New South Wales, Australia, received from Bing one of his pipes after he stopped smoking. Another Aussie fan bought one when some of his personal effects were auctioned after his death.

Radio » Kraft Music Hall - 1938 » Yesterday 4:17 am

Thanks David. I'd not heard those songs before. This morning I listened to some of Bing's 1950 recordings (from Jonzo 51 and Sepia 1) and the difference in Bing's voice is notable.

Discussion Board Use and Registration Isssues » This Board - The Future » 27/4/2022 5:36 am

Yes, Ian, I believe my mate was impressed by the romantically intense style (to use your words) of some of those early recordings. They weren't being played on Melbourne radio in the 1950s but my friend had a rich uncle who owned a movie projector and screened some of the Mack Sennett shorts at a family gathering one night.

General Discussion » What non-Bing music have you been listening to recently? » 27/4/2022 5:27 am

Ian's reference Fred Astaire is timely in that my next radio program will include a couple of songs from the movie Easter Parade in which Fred and Judy Garland sang that delightful song 'A Couple of Swells'. Why am I including them? Because Australians first had the opportunity to see the movie in April 1949.

Discussion Board Use and Registration Isssues » This Board - The Future » 13/4/2022 4:20 am

Ian asked when this Crosby fan first heard or saw Bing on radio or movies. When I was a lad in Melbourne I couldn't avoid hearing Bing on radio because his records were played so often. It would have been in the early 1950s that my best mate told me that he had heard Bing sing in the early 1930s and said 'Bing was really trying then'. So I listened more carefully and heard his recording of 'Beautiful girl' and was 'hooked'. No, I didn't see Sinatra but I have several of the 1950s LP albums and play tracks from them on my programs.

General Discussion » The Great "What If" Thread » 13/4/2022 4:05 am

Yes, in 1963 and she may have performed here in other years which my research missed.

Others of Note » Favorite Male Crooners - Besides Bing » 28/3/2022 5:57 am

Al Bowlly wasn't on the list. He wasn't one of my favourites but I like many of his recordings. Last week I heard a program from a Sydney community radio station which include Bowlly singing 'Only Forever' with Jimmy Messene's orch. on a 1940 radio program. I enjoyed especially one line 'Direct from Crosby we give it to you', just another example of references to Bing in popular songs.

Film » Who is your favorite leading lady that Bing starred with in the 1930s? » 28/3/2022 5:41 am

I voted for Frances Farmer because of her beauty but i believe she didn.t have a long career. on the other hand, I believe Madge Evans's acting career lasted for decades.

Discussion Board Use and Registration Isssues » This Board - The Future » 28/3/2022 5:30 am

Ian wondered when I first heard Bing sing. It would have been on radio during the war when I lived with my family in Melbourne and I was a primary school student. You could hardly avoid hearing Crosby records in those days although I can't recall the first one I heard. In 1947 I turned thirteen and each week in Melbourne we could listen to more than six and a half hours of radio programs which played only Crosby records. I became a Crosby fan in the early fifties when a friend introduced me to Bing's early thirties records.

General Discussion » The Great "What If" Thread » 28/3/2022 5:13 am

During World War 2 Vera Lynn was such a popular singer in Australia that she even outshone Bing in 1941 and 1942 by having more hits than the Old Groaner. Her 'There'll be Bluebirds Over) The White Cliffs of Dover' was the top record of 1942 despite the fact that Aussies couldn't buy it. How could that be so? Because radio stations imported copies and played them to respond to listeners' requests.

General Discussion » What non-Bing music have you been listening to recently? » 28/3/2022 4:56 am

Ian, you asked about my radio program. Pardon me for the late response but we've been away on our annual beach holiday. Each Monday morning from 9-11 o'clock I present Morning Music on our local (Bathurst, New South Wales) community radio station, 2MCE-FM. It's popular music from the pre-rock era (mostly). We stream on and are currently on Daylight Saving/Summer time but will put our clocks back one hour to East Australian Time on April 3rd.. If hope you van tune in some time.

Others of Note » Favorite Male Crooners - Besides Bing » 04/3/2022 5:49 am

I've just voted for Frank Sinatra but just above Perry Como and Dean Martin. Thanks for the Buddy Clark song. He had many hits in Australia from 1947 to 1950, including several which were released after his death.

Discussion Board Use and Registration Isssues » This Board - The Future » 04/3/2022 5:34 am

Hullo Ian. I don't remember when I discovered this website, probably from Bing magazine. I'm an elderly Aussie who lives 130 miles west of Sydney and have been interested in Bing's life and career for seventy years or so. Bing Crosby was undoubtedly the most influential and admired entertainer in Australia for decades although he never came to our shores. From time to time I post something with an Australian slant which I hope interests folk.

General Discussion » What non-Bing music have you been listening to recently? » 04/3/2022 5:22 am

Ginny Simms had a couple of hit records in Australia in the early 1940s, with Kay Kyser. I played one of them on my radio program this week. As for non-Bing music I listened to this week, Greg van Beek's last program played some good records from 1968 and introduced me to three I'd not heard before by Frank Sinatra, The Mills Bros and a duet by Jimmy Durante and Maurice Chevalier, The Ginny Simms record was 'Why don't we do this more often'.

Others of Note » Alice Faye - Smarty » 23/2/2022 7:20 am

I've 'discovered' Alice Faye only recently. I don't think I've seen any of her movies but have found some of her vocals on Youtube.

Television » Bing and Peggy Lee on television » 23/2/2022 7:12 am

Thanks to Bing magazine I've obtained (on loan) a copy of Tish Oney's book Peggy Lee: A Century of Song. I had no idea that Peggy Lee had such a long and varied career. It notes that she sang some duets with Bing on TV shows:The Bing Crosby Show for Oldsmobile (29 Sept. 1959) and The Hollywood Palace (13 Jan, 1968). Is it possible to see them on Youtube?

Recording » Bing the jazz singer. » 23/2/2022 7:00 am

I'll suggest 1. Let's Do It (Let's Fall in Love), 2. St Louis blues, 3. Sweet Georgia Brown, 4. Dinah, 5. My Honey's Lovin' Arms, 6. Happy Feet, 7. S'posin', 8. Three Little Words,9. Them There Eyes, 10. Sweet Sue, Just You.

Recording » Blooper & Rejected Takes » 23/2/2022 6:47 am

Thanks David. They  remind us that things don't always go to plan in the studio but I suppose the scope for editing has made bloopers less likely to be saved nowadays.

Member Introductions » Introduce/Reintroduce Yourself » 23/2/2022 6:33 am

Hullo Ian, from Graham in Bathurst, Australia. Fancy Meeting You Here is a beaut album, isn't it. If you like Rosemary Clooney's singing you'll find a book published in 2013 titled Late Night Jazz: The Life and career of Rosemary Clooney, written by Ken Crossland and Malcolm Macfarlane interesting.

Others of Note » Patti Page - Just One More Chance » 24/1/2022 12:49 am

I'd not heard that recording by Patti Page but it sounded more like Basin Street Blues..

Recording » Dixie Lee's and Bing's Renditions of "I Apologize" (1931) » 24/1/2022 12:39 am

Thanks for that interesting clip. I reckon that, if Dixie wished to poke fun at Bing's version she would have added  'boo boo boo', as Bing did, and finished with a more strident plea, as Bing did, rather than almost swinging' If I made you blue'. One the other hand, perhaps she decided on a more subtle parody.

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