Links » White-Christmas » 07/11/2020 9:38 am

Quite interesting, Mr Baker!
I wonder what music was played, too (But I think that we know that!)!

Announcements » Winter Wonderland Animated Music Video to Premiere Tomorrow » 01/11/2020 5:32 am

Completely agree with last two posts!
White Christmas video is too depressing and sad ...

Announcements » Winter Wonderland Animated Music Video to Premiere Tomorrow » 31/10/2020 1:18 am

I like this White Christmas video very much!
It reminds us about WWII and how much Bing's songs meant for people, so I agree the story is quite melancholy, but happy too.
Also, I think that there was very few Bing moments in the video and it is, kind of sad for me. I wan't talk about pipe again, but the problem is the same.
So it's very interesting and good, but in my opinion Winter Wonderland video is better, (I, personally, like it more).
Will wait for other videos!

Announcements » Winter Wonderland Animated Music Video to Premiere Tomorrow » 30/10/2020 1:52 am

Ok, I really won't mind using any of Bing's versions/
And I want to say, that Sinatra will have another video the same time as Mr.Crosby.


Announcements » Winter Wonderland Animated Music Video to Premiere Tomorrow » 30/10/2020 1:27 am

I think, that one of the best variants will be, if they use 1942's White Christmas (from "Holliday Inn" movie), becaue it's one of the first versions. Before that Bing performed this song on his NBC radio show The Craft Music Hall on Christmas day, 1941, but 1947's or 1955's White Christmas will be alright, too.

Announcements » Winter Wonderland Animated Music Video to Premiere Tomorrow » 30/10/2020 1:19 am

Wow! Wow! Wow!
Christmas is really coming earlier this year!
That's very strange that they made another video for Bing, and cartoon is made by another artist, but I like it!
I like it very much!
We're getting presents now!
I hope that it will be a tradition and next year we'll have more!
That's simply amazing!

Announcements » Winter Wonderland Animated Music Video to Premiere Tomorrow » 25/10/2020 1:46 am

I can understand that, Mr. Field, but the song "Winter Wonderland" is written in 1934 and Bing sang it in 1962, so I think that having a pipe was for him, that time, impossible.
There are some photos where he smokes his pipe, dated 1962, so it could be shown in the video.

Announcements » Winter Wonderland Animated Music Video to Premiere Tomorrow » 24/10/2020 1:33 am

I think that Bing's Winter wonderland video is wonderful!
We need more videos with him like this!)))
But I have one question: "Where is his pipe?!" (Who ate it?!), yes Mr. Crosby didn't always take the pipe with him, but it is an important atribute!
That's what moderm society does to change the past for young generations, because "smoking never helps people, and it is harmful to their health", so the many people from the past won't smoke (although they really did), the better! (Watch Sinatra's, Dean's and Bing's videos again.) But if it is only a mistake, I think, the autor may be forgiven.))))
Also, I agree with you, Archiefit, it would be great to see full length Bing cartoon! (But I hope,  that as Nataniel said, there will sometimes be a movie about Mr. Crosby, or TV series about him, like Netflix's The Crown, about United Kingdom's royal family.)
And, ModernBingFan0377, I think that it would be nice, If they will do videos for Perry Como, Danny Kaye, Fred Astaire (but I'm not sure that he had ever sang any Christmas songs), Maurice Chevalier and for Rosemary Clooney. Maybe they will even make cartoon wersion of Count Your Blessings ...
Also I found it interesting, that in Winter Wonderland video Bing have another family and only one child! Why not Dixie or Kathryn and where are their fthree or four (or all seven children)?
Ok, I won't ask, apparently, they are at the same place in the video, as Bing's pipe.))))

Announcements » Winter Wonderland Animated Music Video to Premiere Tomorrow » 23/10/2020 2:18 am

But also there were some other videos like these, for example for Brenda Lee (Rockin' Around the Christmas Tree), released in 2019, Nat King Cole (Christmas Song) in 2018 and Chuck Berry (Run Rudolph Run), released 16.10.2020.

Announcements » Winter Wonderland Animated Music Video to Premiere Tomorrow » 23/10/2020 1:59 am

Only some time ago I wanted to write the same thing, ModernBingFan0377!
I think that it is the most wonderful news for near future! Maybe, really they will make animated music videos for our favourite singers, for unforgettable legends.
I hope that Bing will have more videos like that. ( Can't wait! I want watch Winter Wonderland very much!)
Als I want to say, that not only Frank and Dean already got animated music videos, but also Ella Fitzgerald (Frosty the Snowman was released 16.10.2020)

Will see!

Announcements » Halloween Bing On Sounds Like Radio » 19/10/2020 7:12 am

Thanks a lot Archiefit!
That's a great Halloween present! 

Others of Note » RIP: Rhonda Fleming » 17/10/2020 9:49 am

Yes, I completely agree with you, Lobosco, that's very sad!
I found out that such a beautiful woman died only couple of hours ago and I simply don't know what to say.
Miss her. Rest in peace, Rhonda Fleming...

Announcements » BING magazine » 15/10/2020 6:50 am

Dear Malcolm,
Thanks very much for information.)))
I'm glad to hear that!)))

Radio » Star Spangled Radio Hour » 06/9/2020 3:25 am

Thanks very much, Richard.
I tried to find old Bing's Broadcasts, made in 30s for a long time, so now I'm glad that there is an opportunity to listen to one of these recordings. 
I am really interested in Bing's past as a part of Paul Whiteman's Rhythm Boys, so if recordings don't tell the story, they at least convey the spirit of the time. And it is important  for me.
So, thanks again.
Best wishes,
Tom Joe Mortel

Recording » Bing Sings On YouTube » 04/8/2020 2:12 am

I must say that's very nice!
I think, that  there are quite few archives, where you can find the most of Bing's song.
I'll wait for next uploading!

Announcements » A Trip Down Memory Live » 12/7/2020 12:57 am

Thanks  a lot, Lobosco!
And yes, I think you're right about even about Gary's book, but it was the most terrible thing that I've ever read. Nobody can say what could be worse than it.
But now I think, I'd better watch your video, than talk about this printed catastrophe.
Thanks again, Lobosco. 

Announcements » A Trip Down Memory Live » 05/7/2020 6:33 am

Dear David Lobosco,
I watched your "A Trip Down Memory: Book collection" some days ago and think that you are very dedicated fan not only in the society, but also at home.
So, here are all the questions: 
1) What books about Bing and his works can you recomend to read?
2) Did Gary Giddins tell everything in your opinion, or not?
3)What do you think about Kathryn Crosby's books? (I saw, you have one of them)
That's all I want to know now.
I want to buy some books about Mr. Crosby and can't make a decision quickly, because it will be interesting for me to know something which is really the truth.
May be you can give me some helpfull advice.

Announcements » 2 New HOLIDAY Editions now Available To Enjoy » 01/7/2020 12:41 am

Thanks a lot, Archiefit, I was waiting for that!
I already said that i like "Sounds Like Radio" very much and I like Gildy as much as music you choose for these show, but I can repeat it again and again,  because I really think so. Some song aren't unknown for me, but some of them become a surprise for me (pleasant surprise!).

Announcements » More Bing More the time on 5 Brand New Podcasts ALL FREE ALL THE TIME » 12/6/2020 5:30 am

Thanks a lot, Archiefit! Your work is great and always interesting for me. Songs you choose are beautiful, stories are great. Nothing like that is on the radio now!

Announcements » Bing Now Included Even More Now on New Sounds Like Radio Shows » 03/6/2020 1:22 am

     Thanks a lot, Archieft, I really want to thank you for your work, because it is interesting to listen to your Sounds Like Radio.
     You have a good taste in music and The Great Gildersleeve is a radio show from the kind today's world doesn't know. I like the story about Gildersleeve and two girls most of all, but other episodes are great too. I always wait when the show starts to hear your pleasant voice and good song, especially Bing's. ("when I take my sugar to tea" is beautiful song which, I think is connected with "Sugar (That Sugar Baby O' Mine)", from "Bing & Satchmo" music album.)

Others of Note » Tribute to Dixie Lee - Actress & Singer » 01/6/2020 1:54 pm

Ok, I understand you.
My business is to offer and you can agree or refuse. There's nothing wrong with that.)))

Others of Note » Tribute to Dixie Lee - Actress & Singer » 01/6/2020 11:13 am

I think, there are not complite truly biographies about Dixie, but "the 1947 film Smash-upthe Story of a Woman is loosely based on Dixie Lee's life" as Wikipedia and other resources say.
Also I can try to make some article about her tomorrow or two days later, where will be the most facts about her, which are avaliable to read and to find now. May be it will be a short alternative of biography, if it is possible to say so. It's hard to believe, but sometimes she was better known and mor famous than her husband and also hard to believe that she was nearly invisible after marriage and appeared only in few movies after that (the same story is about radio programs). She lived only for her family and kept private life in a secret. Some facts are in Gary Giddins's books and some in Bing's "Call me lucky". That's all I can tell you now quickly.

Others of Note » Tribute to Dixie Lee - Actress & Singer » 01/6/2020 2:35 am

I love how Bing and Dixie look together, they are I think one of the most interesting and beautiful couple in Hollywood. They are some kind two people who were ment to each other.
For a week, or more, I try to find as much information about Missis Lee Crosby, as I can, but it is really very few facts about her, except that she was better known and famous than Bing, when they met and get married, so she helped her husband with his career, and it was her choice to end her own, to stay at home with children.
Bing wrote a lot of touching words about her, but she was not peoples' person, so she was his wife and didn't need others. I think that it means only that only Mr. Crosby and his family knew everything about her and now we can, mostly only guess what kind of woman she was and suggest alot about her.
Her voice is great and nobody have voice like her, so it is sad that thre isn't many recordings of songs she sung alone or with Bing.
Also I found that there are different opinions about her birth date, because some resources insist on saying that she was born in 1911, while others are saying about 1909 and it made me to try to find some documents and I think that old Harry L. Crosby-Wilma Winifred Wyatt marriage license, certificate of marriage are anough truly to trust. There is written that Bing married Dixie in 29 September 1930, when she was 19 and he was 26 (It means Missis Lee Crosby was born in 1909.)
I wish to learn more and won't stop now.)))

Film » Bing sings on film in the '40s and '50s » 26/5/2020 4:52 am

All of these songs are beautiful, I like them.
"Little one" is the song that captured my heart finally, it have and had (and I think, will have) the biggest influence on me, it is really impressive! 

Film » How about movies? » 24/5/2020 2:29 am

Thank you very much for your advices. 
I'll compulsory watch  these movies.)))

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