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Thanks for all your work, Richard. I found this site a few years ago and mostly lurk, but I really enjoy checking in every once in a while. And thanks as well to David for taking over.

Announcements » Winter Wonderland Animated Music Video to Premiere Tomorrow » 09/11/2021 8:57 pm

Nice videos. I somehow missed last year's offerings so checked them all out this morning. Really nice work, a bit more creative than some of these animation jobs I've seen for "legacy" music. The Winter Wonderland one was quite clever and I thought I'll be Home For Christmas was effective.

White Christmas was surprisingly good I thought, with a willingness to put the song in a wartime context that I'm sure newer listeners may not be familiar with.

The only one that left me a bit cold was Drummer Boy, but I've also never been particularly fond of that song either (any version, not just Bing's). All in all, very nice efforts though.

General Discussion » What non-Bing music have you been listening to recently? » 09/11/2021 6:17 pm

I tend to listen to music that's very far afield of Bing (hardcore punk and the like), but as per the last few posts I've also been really enjoying the recent Lady Gaga/Tony Bennett album. They work really well together. I believe those New York concerts are going to be released on streaming by the end of the year, really looking forward to seeing them.

Film » Bing on DVD versus Blu Ray » 19/12/2019 6:27 pm

This is a bit of an old, thread but wanted to throw in my two cents:

I have Holiday Inn, White Christmas and the recently released blu ray of The Bells of St. Mary on Blu-Ray and they are all excellent.

White Christmas absolutely pops with vivid color and the sound mix is great coming out of a 5.1 system or nice soundbar. Much better than old DVD or tv broadcasts that I've seen (and better than the print Netflix was using - not sure what their source is now, or if it's even still streaming). I'm sure a 4k release of this would be even more eye popping, but it's been well treated on blu as is.

Holiday Inn I have very little to compare it to, but the picture quality seems good to me, nothing to complain about.

The Bells of St. Mary is the real treat - recently restored and released by Olive Films, I was really pleased with how good the picture quality was on the new blu. Beats the heck out of versions I've seen previously, and includes some really nice bonus material. This is a must-have for any fans with a blu ray player.

Recording » Bing and London Symphony Orchestra at Christmas » 19/12/2019 6:21 pm

I got this disk in the mail a couple of weeks ago but am only now getting the chance to listen. Comparing this to a couple of these other Philharmonic release (Roy Orbison and Elvis Presley, mainly) I'd venture this posthumous collaboration may be the best of the lot. It's not something I'll probably come back to regularly, but Bing's vocal versatility works in the album's favor - while many of these arrangements are somewhat overwhelming, Bing's vocals never sound weak in comparison. This would be a good candidate to include one or two tracks in a holiday playlist for mixed company. The "lively" sound would be great as background music for a holiday party or gathering (which I don't mean as a backhanded compliment! Christmas part mix music is an essential part of the season in my opinion )

New and Re-issued materials » "The Bible Story of Christmas narrated by Bing Crosby" NEW! » 06/12/2019 5:10 pm

Just want to bump this thread to say I learned about this release from this forum, bought the CD a few weeks ago and am finally listening to it now. What a wonderful, unique recording. Bing sounds great and the Choir is lovely. It's a treat having the unedited narration at the end too. Great, unique addition to the Christmas collection!

General Discussion » Question About Laserlight's "Christmas Through The Years" » 21/12/2018 1:40 am

Archiefit wrote:

Your mention of this fine early Christmas Bing CD brings back fond memories.  When this was first released it was also on cassette tape, that's how I bought it at first.  Later after I relented to the pressures of buying a CD player I bought the CD of this too.  It is mostly made up of Bing's various radio show excerpts and TV soundtrack excerpts.  Hearing Snowbird reminds me of Anne Murray, this was her original hit in the '70's.

Good stuff there, you can't go wrong even if these aren't "official" recordings.

Awesome, glad this was able to jog some fond memories.

And, yeah, I'm digging the CD. It's fun to hear some stuff that isn't part of the official "canon" per se.

General Discussion » Question About Laserlight's "Christmas Through The Years" » 20/12/2018 7:42 pm

Hi there, new member here. I was directed to these forums from Steve Hoffman's forums as I had a question about Bing Crosby comp I picked up recently. The 1995 LaserLight release, Christmas Through The Years (Discogs page here).

My understanding is that LaserLight did not have a license for Bing's studio work so these are likely soundtrack, radio and TV sources (which sound right from my listen-through of the CD) Anyone know the sources of the material? The booklet provides essentially no info. Thanks for any help, and looking forward to becoming a regular visitor of these forums!

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