Announcements » ICC November Meeting » 29/10/2023 1:33 am

That was an interesting post. I'd seen only brief excerpts of Bing's TV show before. In Australia in 1954,Bing's best-selling Decca release was 'Open up your heart' with' Walk me by the river', which sold more than any of his singles released in the last two years. The research by musicologist David Kent put 'The happy wanderer' at the top of the charts for the year with none of Bing's singles in the top twenty-five.

Others of Note » Chick Bullock. » 20/9/2023 4:19 am

I enjoyed those recordings. I wonder what other labels Brunswick USA produced. Brunswick (Australia) pressed Crosby records on several labels (Brunswick, Panachord and Embassy) Bing before it went out of business in 1931. The Panachords included two discs attributed to Owen Cornell and an Embassy record by Arthur Beaumont but the vocalist was Bing.

Film » BING CROSBY: THE HOLLYWOOD YEARS » 20/9/2023 3:58 am

Hullo David. I'd be pleased to see musical films from those years if you are able to add them to your productions.

Thanks for all you've done so far from Graham

General Discussion » When Bing Crosby Came to Preston » 20/9/2023 3:48 am

Thank you. I presume this Preston is a suburb of London, not the Preston in Melbourne, Victoria . As we know, Bing's plan to visit Australia in 1977 did not eventuate.

Cheers from Graham

Others of Note » Tony Bennett passed away. » 04/8/2023 7:09 am

Our national daily newspaper The Australian published its obituary on Tony Bennett on 24 July which included quoted Tony Bennett's explanation for his enduring popularity: 'People like Bing Crosby and Frank Sinatra told me not to sing songs that cater to one age group, but songs that appeal to everybody. And maybe because good songs last, that explains why I've lasted too.'

Television » Primary Wave and the Bing Crosby Estate Music Videos » 04/8/2023 6:59 am

Thank you. The only one I had seen before is 'Ol  Man River' On YouTube. The show in which Bing sang the song was not telecast in Australia but the other show, filmed in 1956, was telecast here in 1961. TV transmissions commenced here in 1956, just before the Melbourne Olympic Games.

Film » Road To Rio » 22/6/2023 3:36 am

Jerry Colonna visited Australia in 1944 with Bob Hope's troupe as they took a break from entertaining US troops in the South Pacific. Ten years later he performed with Artie Shaw, Buddy Rich and Ella Fitzgerald in Sydney and Melbourne.

Film » BING CROSBY: THE HOLLYWOOD YEARS » 22/6/2023 3:24 am

They were fascinating excerpts of the early films. Great to see and hear Bing and wonder how Sennett shot some of those ourtdoor car scenes. I enjoyed also seeing the old cars and motor cycles and the microphones. Thanks David!

Others of Note » Bea Wain - A Ghost Of A Chance » 25/5/2023 8:37 am

I agree David. She sang that fine song very well. The record label is interesting and I presume the Walter Gross who directed the orchestra is the fellow who wrote 'Tenderly'.

Biography » Phil Crosby Jr Interview » 25/4/2023 5:28 am

Thanks David. It is an interesting interview. Phil's interviewer said 'Mostly everybody know the name Bing Crosby'. A couple of decades ago when I was researching for my book on Bing I asked a young friend if he knew of Bing Crosby and his response was 'Yes, Bill Cosby'. (That's when we Aussies were watching Cosby on TV.)  Nowadays, when the occasion arises I ask a young adult if they've heard of Bing Crosby and their answer is positive  but they can't say why.

New and Re-issued materials » “Bing & Ella” - Seemingly New Release From Estate » 25/4/2023 5:16 am

That's variety of songs isn't it. I'm not familiar with 'Stay with the happy people'. Perhaps I'll find it on Youtube.

Others of Note » Lena Horne - I Surrender Dear » 13/4/2023 4:48 am

I like to hear other versions of songs associated with Bing and i enjoyed that recording by Lena Horne. She put a lot of feeling into it, didn't she.

Recording » Underrated Bing Crosby » 13/4/2023 4:32 am

Restricting my list to studio recordings, I'll nominate some form the 1950s: More  I Cannot Wish You, Maria Bonita, A Weaver of Dreams, A Quiet Girl and Nothing in Common. As a matter of interest, none were released a singles in Australia.

Member Introductions » Welcome srupert1963! » 13/4/2023 4:17 am

A belated welcome to srupert1963! from an Aussie Bing Fan in Bathurst, a small city 130 miles west of Sydney.

Others of Note » Nat King Cole - The Magic Window » 16/3/2023 7:30 am

It's a pleasant but undistinguished song isn't it. I liked Nat 'King' Cole's version, which was new to me and couldn't help but notice one of the photos of him smoking as he played what I assume was an organ.

Film » I'm Dreaming of an Asbestos Christmas... » 16/3/2023 7:18 am

Gee, that's an interesting article. Asbestos was widely used in the building industry in Australia and many homes were insulated with asbestos. How things have changed.

Member Introductions » Welcome to BAS! » 16/3/2023 7:04 am

Hullo (belatedly) BAS! I'm one of Bing's Aussie fans and if you're not a member of The International Club Crosby I recommend a look at its website 

Others of Note » Dixie Lee Crosby - I Apologize » 04/2/2023 4:14 am

I was pleased to hear that David but I reckon she sang much better in her duets with Bing.

Others of Note » Harlan Lattimore, and Bing’s early ‘30s crooning contemporaries. » 04/2/2023 4:11 am

Thanks Rod, David and Colin. I'd heard of him but hadn't heard any of his records. He sang well, didn't he.

Film » Bing Crosby Movies You Have Never Seen » 04/2/2023 3:58 am

That's an interesting question, one which I'd not thought about before. The only feature film in which Bing had a significant part which I've not seen is Say One For Me. I don't know why I missed it because it was shown on TV in Australia six times from 1968 to 1979. My research suggests that several were never shown on free-to-air TV here: King of Jazz, Too Much Harmony, Going Hollywood and Two for Tonight.

Others of Note » Ruth Etting - It's Easy To Remember » 21/1/2023 7:45 am

Thanks David. I've not heard many of her records but realise she was a significant figure in popular music in USA. I suppose the song was recorded by many vocalists.

General Discussion » Rolling Stone 200 Best Singers of All Time » 21/1/2023 7:31 am

Rod referred to the 'frenzied, social media driven world' we live in which has little time for singers such as Bing. I'm a fellow-countryman (should I write person?) of Rod and am reminded of that new world when I watch the Australian Open tennis matches as players grunt and grimace (and worse) as they win or lose points.(I'm old enough to remember Ken Rosewall and Vic Seixas.) Except for Christmas and our community radio stations, Bing seems to be forgotten by our major media although The Sydney Morning Herald published a 'Zits' cartoon strip on 19 December on the subject of Christmas music which finished with the punch line' A month of Bing Crosby was enough'. I presume the strip originated in the USA.

General Discussion » How are you listening to Bing? » 21/1/2023 7:15 am

I listen to my Crosby collection on old-fashioned equipment: a Pioneer CD player and record player (45 & 33 1/3 rpm). I used to be able to play my CDs on my computer but the new HP computer I bought last year doesn't have a tower so I can no longer do that. I like the photo of the retro-style radio which looks like the brown bakelite radio I have (AM only) which was our family radio in my hyouth.


I've just had the opportunity to tune in to the podcast; an hour or so well spent. It reminded me that I don't really remember which was the first Crosby film I saw. The note that Bing didn't do a studio recording of 'Buckin' the Wind' from Too Much Harmony caught my attention, especially when I watched the scene in the movie. Surprisingly, when the the Australian music magazine Tempo reflected on Bing's career in August 1951 it included that song in its highlights of songs he had sung. Malcolm referred to the lack of Man on Fire on TV in England. Aussies were able to tune in to it five times in the sixties and seventies.

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