General Discussion » It's that time of year again, and I've been loving Bing's Xmas tunes » 03/12/2021 7:06 am

Recorded 5 Oct1962 as part of a medley. Orchestral and Choral arrangements by Bob Thompson, Jack Halloran and Peter Matz

Film » The Big Broadcast » 14/11/2021 8:48 am

David has prepared another episode about Bing's films. Go to Bing Crosby - The Hollywood Years. Episode 1 - 1933 - YouTube

Film » NOVEMBER MOVIE OF THE MONTH: The Emperor Waltz » 08/11/2021 6:45 pm

Ron Field wrote:

And it was during the filming that Bing won the Totem Pole Golf Tournament at Jasper Park Lodge.
Have you seen the photo of Bing and the black bear outside the Pro shop.
Inside the Lodge there are a couple of photos of Bing on display.
I believe Bing promised his caddy a new suit for any birdies that he had. Think he had to buy two new suits. He birdied the 18th when he was very close to a tree at the back of the green.

 It was the following year that Bing won the Totem Pole Golf Tournament.

Recording » I've Got The Girl » 16/10/2021 6:03 am

The article will be in BING189 due out next month.

Discussion Board Use and Registration Isssues » This Board - The Future » 14/10/2021 5:48 am

Thanks for all you have done, Richard. It is really appreciated.

Announcements » Bing Crosby’s heirs sell estate stake » 11/10/2021 1:29 pm

See Bing Crosby's heirs sell estate stake to help boost his work | Fox News

This is a major development which should mean that Bing has a higher visibility in future.

Announcements » New vinyl release » 05/10/2021 7:13 am

Walmart are offering Bing's Merry Christmas album on white vinyl.

Recording » Buddy Cole Recordings- Summary of CD Appearances » 16/9/2021 6:37 am

"Blue Moon" was not from the radio series. It was a take not used in "Say One for Me".

Announcements » BING magazine » 16/8/2021 6:29 am

Many of you will have heard about BING magazine but may not have seen one. It’s a 48-page glossy issued three times a year. If you would like to see a sample in a PDF form please message me with your email address and I’ll send you one. No charge but hopefully some of you may decide to join us when you see what you are missing.

Film » The Big Broadcast » 24/7/2021 5:33 pm

David Duncan has prepared an excellent professional review of Bing's first full-length film which is well-worth watching You can see it here.

Announcements » BING magazine » 03/7/2021 5:31 am

The summer issue of BING magazine is at the printers.
See BING188 (

Biography » Bing interview from 1971 » 21/6/2021 5:06 am

Think Bing was referring to Will Osborne,
See Will Osborne (singer) - Wikipedia

Biography » Bing interview from 1971 » 10/6/2021 5:59 am

In 1971 John Gilliland interviewed Bing in depth for his forthcoming Pop Chronicles series. Bing is remarkably open and frank and you can hear the proceedings here.

Television » Bing on the Ed Sullivan show » 26/5/2021 6:30 am

Another clip which has just surfaced on the Ed Sullivan channel is Bing singing "Alexandra's Ragtime Band" in May 1969. Go to Bing Crosby & Peter Gennaro "Alexander's Ragtime Band" on The Ed Sullivan Show - YouTube

Radio » Rare Standards Only Sung On Radio » 22/4/2021 7:23 am

John, I've emailed these to you.
At Long Last Love
That Old Feeling
Don't have the other one.

Announcements » King of Jazz » 03/4/2021 9:51 am

The King of Jazz is on TCM in the USA on April 14.

Announcements » Gary Giddins online on March 14 » 10/3/2021 7:07 am

Due to a loss in the family, Gary Giddins: Bing, Biography, and I has been rescheduled to Sunday, April 11 at 1:30pm.

Television » Bing on the Ed Sullivan show » 07/3/2021 7:22 am

Here's a bit more background to that appearance on November 11, 1956.

"The big hoopla, of course, and a rarity in the area of “live” tv, was the Crosby appearance and soloing of his “True Love,” with an enforced reprise hitched to a Sullivan wager that it’ll register second only to “White Christmas” in disclicks. “Love” was done to a Bing turn, but it was in the banter division, chiefly with Phil Silvers, that the Crosby personality asserted itself as of old." (Variety, November 14, 1956). 

"In preparation for an appearance by Bing Crosby singing “True Love,” he [Ray Bloch] decided that a small cabaret orchestra would play up on the stage, but off camera, while accompanying Bing. We had our music taped to the floor so that just in case the camera did pan over and see us playing, it would all appear to be very casual. During the rehearsals, we found it extremely difficult to watch Ray, who was conducting us and at the same time, read our music that was taped on the floor. He would not listen to our problem. The plan was that Bing and Ed would have a little chat out in front of the curtain and on a certain cue, we would start the musical intro of the song. Then the curtain would rise and Bing would sing. Good idea?—Not really. When we got on the air, we started the intro as we had rehearsed, but when the curtain was supposed to rise, it got stuck! And that was just as I started the solo cadenza. Ray Bloch was in a dither. All of us backstage could hear Ed and Bing adlibbing and trying to make light of this unexpected hang up. All the while, I just kept on playing and improvising while chaos was going on all around me. Finally the curtain did rise, and just before Bing started to sing, he paused for a moment, turned to me and said, “Thank you, Mr. Paganini of the accordion.” Ray Bloch was much more cordial to me in our subsequent meetings. Little did I realize at the time that years later, Bing and I would meet again and work toget

Announcements » BING magazine » 26/2/2021 2:35 pm

The spring 2021 edition of BING magazine is being prepared now.

Artistic Legacy » Bing Crosby Million Sellers updates /more/ » 17/2/2021 10:08 am

Sadly the figures you seek are just not available however much we would like them.

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