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I queried Marsha Hunt about this very topic a few years ago.  She plays a prominent part in the film, that of the scheming secretary.  She said she knew nothing about the inference that the main character might have been based on Dixie Lee.  If it were, it would seem that it would have been spoken about at least among the actors....but it wasn't. ~~~  Bopcat

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Wow, That was great!   Bing was 72 and always cute!  Nice to see Janet Waldo and Mel Blanc again.
At our 49th Cinecon last week in Hollywood, Pat Boone and Shirley Jones were interviewed after a screening of "April Love."  It was suggested that the song "Do It Yourself" wherein Pat and Shirley and the the secondary leads were having a barbeque, was very much like a Bing Song.  Along the lines of "Sunshine Cake" where they are singing and handling lots of props and tossing things back and forth throughout.  Pat and Shirley agreed and they mentioned how Bing always did bits of business while he sang which were always interesting and creative.  They were both very familiar and enthused with Bing's ability to further enrich a song or a scene with his unique stylings.  A nice Bing moment by two gracious stars who remember and appreciate him to this day.  ~~ Maureen

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I cannot even keep track of the times I have heard Bing's name mentioned within the context of a song.  Just this week, while watching a film at Cinecon at the Egyptian Theater in Hollywood, one of the singers sang, "Sing like Bing!"  I think it was Jane Withers in "The Holy Terror" (1937).   There are so many references to him in songs from the 1930s till now, that it would be a task to find them all......and also take years of movie research.  Wouldn't that be fun!   ~~~~~ Maureen

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At first I was lukewarm to this film, but have grown to love it.   Bing's acting is perfection here.  He's wonderful and funny, and sexy.  The chemistry between Ann Blyth and Bing is unmistakeable.  I asked Ms. Blyth about her friendship with Bing at Dolores Hope's 100th birthday party.  She didn't say anything more than they used to go out dancing.  She didn't mention whether this was during the time of filming or later on.  The love scenes and duet she does with Bing are very cozy, very warm and believable.  The film does take an unexpected turn when Hume Cronyn's secret is revealed.  The romance is very well-developed and seems to grow naturally, unlike many films.  We also have the pleasure of seeing Bing do a little big of a jig during the Donovan number.  He's like a welcome breath of Spring when he appears in the doorway of the house during the party.  The scene where Blyth is trying to figure out where the green pocket is in his jacket is very 'well-handled.'   An enjoyable film from Bing's last remaining years as a romantic lead........M

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Of course we all know Bing loved the many characters and actors that abounded in Hollywood, Broadway and at race tracks and sporting events.  Barney Dean and Joe Frisco come to mind.  I used to see Ben Lessy walking around Beverly Hills.  Benny was very short and to Bing, as a partner, that was probably a plus!
I remember in the 1970s I used to see so many celebrities out and about, like Sam Jaffe, Jack Lemmon, Billy Wilder, George Cukor, and others.  The comedians and writers you will always find at delis and restaurants. Some of the older writers still meet once a week to sharpen their wits over a good meal.
When I interviewed Johnny Grant some years ago, he had little to tell about getting the Ed Harrison role in "White Christmas."  Bing wanted him and that was that.  Johnny had no idea why, but that's how it happened.

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So great to have a Bing site to talk about his many talents and fascinating life!
The Paley Center in Beverly Hills is having three events for Bing on December 11th,
12th and 15th. They will be showing some of his television shows, public service
spots and guest appearances.  Should be great fun.  Hope (and Crosby) friends will
meet up there!


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