Announcements » Winter Wonderland Animated Music Video to Premiere Tomorrow » 25/10/2020 7:25 am

These days, promotion of smoking maybe not such a good idea.

Radio » Star Spangled Radio Hour with Bing » 17/10/2020 10:53 pm

Star Spangled Radio Hour include Command Performance #71 in their latest podcast, number 541.

Recorded June 19, 1943
CBS Hollywood

Ken Carpenter, announcer
Bing Crosby and Dinah Shore, hosts
with Vaughn Monroe and his Orchestra, Fanny Brice (Baby Snooks) and Hanley Stafford (Daddy), Mel Banc, Maj. Meredith Willson and the AFRS Orchestra

It includes 
It Can’t Be Wrong (Bing Crosby, vocal), and  Summertime (Bing Crosby and Dinah Shore, vocal)

Links are the usual

or for Europe


Radio » American Retrospectives - The Greatest Christmas Songs » 11/10/2020 7:10 am

To some extent I suspect your confusion might arise because of the fact that the songs were used repeatedly in Christmas shows over successive years and a few might have actually been the same recordings.

The shows on the records (and there were several issues - see the list here

were drawn from the two shows of 14th December 1949 and 19th December 1951, though edited.
It may be that a few of the songs originated from other earlier shows.

Go the the discography here
and the radio show listing here
for full details with the record issues shown for the shows and individual songs.

Either scroll down to the dates or search on AMERICAN RETROSPECTIVES.

Ethel Barrymore was in the show on 21st December 1949 which does not feature on the record.


Recording » Medley Of Gus Edwards Hits DLA-1796-A...... » 10/10/2020 10:41 pm

Colin Bratkovich wrote:

I got my 'fluff' from Curtin Call"

- which confirms it is the discarded version for the film. It is the identical arrangement as in the film and very different to the medley issued on the record DLA 1796. 

Artistic Legacy » Bing Crosby Million Sellers updates /more/ » 10/10/2020 12:06 pm

I'd be interested to know if anyone has ideas about such counting.

Whilst I know next to nothing about this particular aspect of Bing's popularity, I'd think that Decca were counting the two "main" recordings of White Christmas as one. After all, to a great extent they preserved the fiction that the '47 re-recording was the original, showing the incorrect earlier date on all LP and CD issues despite usage of the '47 version into the 1990s.

In addition there was no need for them to keep different counts for any rights purposes.
As to the other titles  - -   ?

Recording » Medley Of Gus Edwards Hits DLA-1796-A...... » 09/10/2020 10:18 am

Colin Bratkovich wrote:

This 1939 recording had a 'fluff'-or outtake.(Jimmy Valentine) How come Jonzo (26) missed it.?/Is it around on CD? /Thank you/


Firstly welcome to this board.
In answer to your query the Jonzo series covered studio recordings intended for record issue and picked up some errors and alternative takes (though some were not discovered until after issue with a few being caught up with later in the series or on the subsequent "Though The Years" series).

A recording exists of a "fluff" of Jimmy Valentine which is believed to originate from a film studio take intended for the film "Star Maker", not a record studio take. However, surprising as it may be new discoveries are always being made and it might just be that you have something else. Can you enlarge on the source of the item you have or know of?
The recording is listed in the discography in May 1939 here
I am not aware of it on CD.

The topic was briefly aired previously on this board at


Recording » The Crosby Christmas Sessions » 08/10/2020 10:56 pm

It's best we don't speculate too deeply about rights matters, which can be pretty tangled.
It's far too easy for conjecture to be interpreted or develop into misleading fact. 


Television » Bing's death » 08/10/2020 6:56 am

Prompted by this thread Ron Field has sent me links to photos of the grave.
All show 1904 as birth year.

Recording » Nomination for a Bing album to be re-released on CD... » 05/10/2020 11:22 pm

Lobosco wrote:

Does anyone know if the Project Records recordings from the 1960s that weren't released on LP are still in existance? I believe some of them haven't been released.

Of what might you be aware David? 
But I'd suggest that any lurking in the vaults that have not seen the light of day might well not deserve it. 

Personally, before delving in the vaults for discarded tapes that did not "make the cut"  I'd like to see decent copies  from the original tapes of
- the Basie "If I Had A Hammer",   
- of the "Australian" EP (Four tracks issued in 1960 by RCA in Australia, two of which were also available on a single elsewhere (The Music Of Home; The New Ashmoleon Marching Society; It's A Good Day; Aloha Means I Love You). 
-  the single from 1973 It's Not Where You start (It's Where You finish) and Tie A Yellow Ribbon round the Old Oak Tree. 
45 rpm records in general seem to have been treated much more roughly than LPs and the Australian EP seems  impossible to find in halfway decent condition. 
And I agree with earlier ideas relating to the Longines set.

Recording » Nomination for a Bing album to be re-released on CD... » 05/10/2020 1:36 pm

Lobosco wrote:

I don't know if any album is "the worst" Bing album for me. Even albums like Thoroughly Modern Bing and Hey Jude, Hey Bing each had great tracks and bad tracks on them. I would love to see more radio songs put out on CD. .

I suspect that most of us would still find the odd track or two that we might like on albums that we might otherwise prefer to neglect, just as we might want to skip one or two on some of our favourites!

Recording » Nomination for a Bing album to be re-released on CD... » 05/10/2020 7:04 am

ModernBingFan0377 wrote:

“Hey Jude!/Hey Bing!” This is by far Bing’s worst solo studio album, .

Really?  why "by far"? what of "Thoroughly Modern Bing" ?
At the rear of the field to the taste of many but I'd challenge your absolutism and use of the words "worst" and  "by far".

Personally I can forgive Bing's attempts to remain up to date with covering Beatles songs and  "Thoroughly Modern Bing " as well as his attempt at "modern" C&W with "Bing Sings The Great Country Hits".

I might even listen to them on occasion, but find it a lot more difficult to accept the deliberate waste of his talents with the singalongs which are best heard in the background as wallpaper music, if at all. Not in my view music for listening. 

But that is the key - MY VIEW and my view only. It all boils down to taste and preferences.


Recording » That's What Life Is All About Overdubbing Session » 04/10/2020 5:59 pm

I have been gently reminded that the three CD set Bing Crosby - The Complete United Artists Sessions and the matching Fred Astaire - Complete London Sessions each contain "Session Sound Bites" with clips of rehearsals or failed attempts from the Astaire and Crosby sessions for UA in London.
Bing's set includes clips from Send In the Clowns and Great Day with other very brief snatches and Fred's has Roxie (blow up) and brief snatches from several others including Top Billing.


Recording » That's What Life Is All About Overdubbing Session » 04/10/2020 6:58 am

I'm not sure how much is included on the LP you mention but the session includes several attempts at "That's What Life Is All About".
Quite a bit of dialogue, particularly between Bing and Ken Barnes and some humour (Bing sings "and now I think I've got the gout").
There is piano and rhythm live with Bing and the orchestra can be heard on tape starting and stopping. 
I'm not aware of any CD issues or internet sources. There could be "rights" issues about wider circulation of such relatively recent material. 


Recording » That's What Life Is All About Overdubbing Session » 03/10/2020 11:16 pm

I'm not certain quite what information you might expect, "MBF", but I'll attempt to make a start. 
As is usual with recording sessions, those you pinpoint  were the subject of false starts, run throughs, discarded takes, and just possibly it might be said that Fred was a little demanding than Bing. Anyway, extended tape recordings of several of the 1975 recording sessions (not just those with Fred) "escaped captivity".

I am aware of versions of the sessions in February 1975 and July 1975.
The LP you mention (details of which I must admit I did not have but which I have found on Discogs) clearly includes some of those tracks.

Corrected to omit some sessions originally mistakenly listed.

Artistic Legacy » BBC Maida Vale Studios » 01/10/2020 10:47 pm

The BBC's Maida Vale Studios have been receiving some news coverage recently. 
Bing made his very last recordings there on 11 October 1977 and that aspect has been mentioned in some of the items covering the current issue.

The recordings, made for broadcast, were issued on the LP "The Final Chapter" and the CD "Seasons"

BBC has no further use for them and is moving recording activities elsewhere. It is claimed that if they could sell the property unfettered for re-development they might get as much as £100,000,000. The problem is that there is preservation order on the premises as a site of historical and cultural interest arising in part from all the notable who have recorded there. BBC are therefor attempting to appeal the preservation order. 
The area of London has been through several cycles of change. It is primarily residential and small 2 bedroom apartments in a new block opposite have apparently been selling at around £700,000 each.

Radio » Star Spangled Radio Hour » 05/9/2020 6:38 am

The Star Spangled Radio Hour Podcast this week will feature, not Bing, but his former employer, Paul Whiteman from a sequence of 1930s radio shows. Pops is joined by Joan Edwards, Jack Teagarden and the Four Modernaires with three Chesterfield “Rhapsody in Blue” coast-to-coast broadcasts over CBS. This is the series that Whiteman passed to Glenn Miller in December 1939. PAUL WHITEMAN AND HIS ORCHESTRA - Chesterfield “Rhapsody in Blue” Broadcasts
Wednesday, September 7, 1938
Wednesday, September 14, 1938
Wednesday, September 21, 1938
The podcasts should be available after 6 September.

Follow these links

For Europe -

New and Re-issued materials » SEPIA Records - Through the Years, Road to Hong Kong/Say One For Me » 20/8/2020 11:10 pm

Just in case anyone has been having any difficulty in finding copies of "Through the Years" Volume 7 or "The Road To Hong Kong" coupled with "Say One For Me",  I am told that Sepia have re-pressed supplies.
Direct links to Sepia  -
Through The Years Vol 7
Road To Hong Kong

Obviously our good friends at Sepia have had sufficient interest to believe that it is worth their while to maintain and refresh stocks, which is very good to know. Other replenishments could be on the horizon.

Radio » Star Spangled Radio Hour - VE Day Special » 17/8/2020 6:47 am

Star Spangled Radio Hour have followed up on the earlier VE day broadcasts with the VJ day equivalent, the Victory Special of 15th August 1945.

Substantial numbers of the participants in the AFRS series of broadcasts were included, Bing hosts, and Ken Carpenter is the announcer.
Pick it up here

 or in Europe, here

New and Re-issued materials » Tom Sawyer release » 09/8/2020 11:35 am


It may well be that I reached the wrong conclusion. Amazon seems to be integrating on one page, books, downloads and other recordings which are all of Tom Sawyer, with little else in common whilst the box with the price for CD appears to be a non operative link. 

So, it might not be a CD issue, just a download, and the Decca announcement only mentions "digital format".


New and Re-issued materials » Tom Sawyer release » 08/8/2020 2:14 pm

This October, Decca in association with William Collins, will issue Bing's narration of Tom Sawyer.


This has never been issued on CD. It was originally on three LPs or cassette tapes.
The new issue will apparently be on CD or for download. 
I personally would have liked the reissue with the original cover - a nice photo of Bing.

Instead they have chosen a rather dull stylised white and brown image of a fence overlaid on a blue background. This recalls the opening chapter of the reading, where Tom is painting the fence. It gets more exciting!

I'd imagine the recording will extend to a couple of CDs. Those familiar with it will know that it is an edited version of the book, covering a few of the main threads of the story, very well selected. 


Film » Bing Presents Oreste » 05/8/2020 10:41 pm

Oreste (or  Oreste Kirkop), a Maltese opera singer had a fair degree of success, though rather short lived in opera but got nowhere in films (The Vagabond King and little else).. His career was cut short by heart problems. 

He is remembered in his hometown, Hamrun in Malta, where there is a statue of him, but the mystery has to be why Bing was involved in what is basically a publicity film.

Radio » Bing Internet Radio site is Gone » 26/7/2020 9:54 am

It works OK for me, though I agree that the arrow is a little obscured by Bing's image. 
The popout box works too, and if you wish you can bookmark just that and get to it without going via the main site.


More details of the history here -

And a photo has the name of Everett Crosby (Bing's brother and business manager) just visible at very top left, as well as "CROSBY BLDG" over central entrance.


Television » Crosby in Search of Crosby on Amazon Prime » 19/7/2020 6:59 am

JoeDoakes wrote:

Sorry. I didn’t know it was covered before. Still, it’s ludicrous to say that little brother Bob Crosby, Bob Hope, and Phil Harris are outliers. There are a lot of famous people who worked with and knew Bing here. The only real outlier is Terry Moore. This is what I indicated, a good collection of interview clips recorded in the early years after Bing’s passing with some other stuff thrown in.

Please do not misquote me. I did not say that the three you mention were outliers. I said that many who feature were outliers. That does not mean all. 

If you look at the publicity of the time the whole piece falls very far short of the promise. It was supposed to include those who knew and loved Bing best. And the best of those might be? Where were the close members of the family? Why was there almost no mention of life from 1950s on?  

I would also make the point that very few people got to know Bing well. Even those who had a good professional relationship over many years did not really get to know him, because he protected his personal life. I suggest that you read Giddins' two books. 


Television » Crosby in Search of Crosby on Amazon Prime » 18/7/2020 11:23 am

As Malcolm says, this has been covered and this is the link to the original thread.

However, on occasion a revisit can be justified, both to refresh memories and for the benefit of those to whom the topic might be new.

I have taken the opportunity to remind myself of the film in question and find no reason to change my views.
At the time of release it was possibly over hyped with claims made about years being spent in the preparation and of contributions from those who knew Bing best etc, but in fact very few of those involved knew Bing in any depth and many were, at best "outliers". Those who really knew Bing best did not feature at all. Almost all of Bing's later life was ignored. The whole thing had no structure to it. 

In my view the best that can be said of it is that it is a series of anecdotes contributed by a few of those whose lives touched upon Bing's at some point, mostly earlier. Some of those anecdotes were new and interesting but not in themselves revealing. If it had been described in some such terms at the time instead of being launched with the over hyped fanfare it might have had a slightly more positive reception. 


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