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A fellow member of the Bing Crosby Yahoo group alerted me to this new forum.  Thank you for starting a forum where opinions can be freely expressed in a civilized manner.

I'm the moderator and owner of the Bing Crosby Yahoo group, having rescued it several years ago after the original owner moved on. I'm also a moderator for the Annette Hanshaw Yahoo group, and recently started a Yahoo group for recordings engineered by the late Robert Parker. 

My primary Crosby interest is his musical recordings,, and there is something to like in every Crosby era.  During my younger years (born 1943), Bing was so ubiquitous on TV, the movies, and on record that it was easy to think of him as just part of the cultural furniture.  In the 1980s, I developed a strong interest in popular and jazz music of the 1920s and 1930s and discovered his contribution to that era.

I don't have the budget to become a completist - if that were even possible - but have a fairly complete (mainly CD) collection of his work up to 1938, and many recordings beyond that year.

What a person collects as a completist tells you something about that person.  Don't laugh, but my completist ambitions extend to the C&W singer Johnny Paycheck (active in 1960s to 1990s). Not so strange considering my upbringing near Nashville.  More conventionally, have completed collections for singer Annette Hanshaw (active 1926 - 1934), the Claude Thornhill Orchestra (early 40s to early 50s), and working on completing singers and Mildred Bailey, Johnny Hartman, and Lee Wiley. To make matters more confusing, during the past year became interested in a group that I had tried to ignore over the years - The Beatles. The recent reissue of their studio recordings in both mono and stereo formats sparked curiosity and then fandom.

Finally, I have a complete collection of CDs by Robert Parker, the Australian engineer (now deceased) who transferred 78s and processed them as "digital stereo."  He released several Bing Crosby

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